How To Choose SEO Keywords?

Search engine optimization is a way to improve your websites online presence. As search engines are virtual robots that work on instructions provided by online users and they are the only way how you can let the users know about your website or business. Therefore it is very important to let the search engines know about your website first.

Unlike human being, search engines recognize the type of website with help of keywords. Keywords are phrases or single words that tell about your website. To let the search engines know, keywords are to be placed at different location where the search engines look for such as title, header tags, Meta tags, anchor text etc. one must remember that placing keywords that are unrelated or highly competitive will not give any results. Hence, one must be very careful in choosing keywords for your website.

Follow these steps to achieve better results by choosing SEO keywords.

Start writing keywords that are related to website niche and one that you think people will search for the services that you provide with your website. Get opinion with others like family members, colleagues and customers before arriving at final list. Ask them what keywords they would use or will use to find that website or in that niche.

To get broad list of keywords, get a keyword tool as that can give you more suggestion that may not be possible you being a human being. Keyword tool comes out with huge list of keywords because it search whole web for keywords that same niche websites are using. It will also tell you the popularity of the keywords and the likely traffic that they can bring in to your website.

Look at your competitor’s website for keywords they are using. You can find out this in the source code or keyword tag.

The other method you can find out keyword competitiveness is by entering keyword in to search engines and look for number of hits that search engine returns for that particular keyword. It will probably give a large number usually in millions, so to refine further by using “all in title” and “all in anchor” methods.

Google trends is another best way to find out how many searches have been made for that particular term. This way one can analyze the searchablity of the keyword and compare with different keywords in the list. Repeat this process for all the keywords and calculate which terms are searched more number of times over a period of time.

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Internet Marketing Advice: Building an Online Presence

If you want to succeed with your website or online business, the most important piece of Internet marketing advice that you can receive is to build your online presence. Building an online presence takes a lot of work, and there are many different ways of going about it. The best strategy is to incorporate several different approaches to ensure that your presence grows as large and as quickly as possible.

One of the most essential ways of increasing your online presence is through search engine optimization (SEO). Your presence in the search engines is the key to the amount of traffic that your site receives and is extremely important to your success. To build your presence with SEO you have to spend time doing keyword research and link building, choosing a good domain name and implementing other fundamental strategies that can aid in your success.

Internet gurus who give expert Internet marketing advice say that many people fail in internet marketing because they spend some time on basic SEO, but they don’t spend time on other strategies to increase their online presence. If you truly want to grow your business, you have to do much more than just basic SEO.

One of the other tactics that you can use is to participate in social networking. Social networking involves all of the different web 2.0 communities that are available today. These include the major sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, to link sharing sites like Digg and media sites such as YouTube.

If you spend time joining some of these different networks and participating with their communities and members, you will help your business gain a foothold in your market, finding new prospects along the way. All of the major social networking sites are different, and they all won’t work for everyone. The challenge lies in learning which ones are appropriate for your company and figuring out how you can exploit the sites for your advantage.

Another potential way to help build your online presence is through article marketing. Article marketing entails writing and distributing articles to various online magazines and directories. You get to include a resource box with your article that includes a blurb about yourself and your company, and links back to your website. And linkbacks are very powerful in getting your site noticed by the search engines and Google.

By providing unique, interesting and valuable information in your articles you can increase your site’s reputation and establish yourself as a knowledgeable member of the community. People will begin to seek you out as a trusted source of information, and you’ll see more traffic to your site.

These are just a few of the ways that your site can see an improved online presence. The best path to success is one that involves many different techniques that work together to produce the greatest results.

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The Absolute SEO And Linkbuilding Fundamentals

For an SEO the ultimate goal is to get listed above the fold on the first page of the search engines. This almost guarantees traffic – both targeted visitors and steady streams of hits. Of course, traffic is absolutely essential to a website. It provides your site with a community and depending on your site’s purpose, you could make money or build a lot of credibility only with traffic.

To get the rankings they are after SEOs devote their expertise to both on page and off page aspects of attracting the search engine’s attention. It is important that a website be able to be read by the search engine spiders in a way that highlights the site’s focus and main keywords. This is the on site optimization process in a nutshell. The off site process involved promoting the site to other sites to attract backlinks which pass authority and relevance back to the target site and encourage the search engines to rank it.

The most common onsite SEO practices revolve around the content and the source code. Of course the content has to contain the keywords that the site is about prominently enough to get noticed and ranked for those keywords. However, because the search engine spiders actually read a site via it’s source code there are many more coding hints that have to be given to the search engines to that they are sufficiently instructed about the site’s subject. Meta tags, Alt tags, heading tags and anchor text are just some of the methods used here.

Finally, once a site is properly constructed for on page and source code optimization factors an SEO will promote the site to other webmasters looking for anchor text backlinks containing the target keywords. Some of the backlinking happens naturally as other webmasters, bloggers and visitors link to the site on their own virtual real estate or via social bookmarking sites. But there is also a lot of networking that goes on behind the scenes to encourage other site owners, particularly those with authority sites, to link to a new site.

These SEO and linkbuilding fundamentals can be followed by experienced and new webmasters equally and there is a lot of information online to help all categories of web site creators. The key, of course, to any site’s success is its content. Good content will always trump amateur stuff because it will generate its own authority and interst. Still, it’s important to know the SEO and linkbuilding fundamentals that will help to promote your site to search engine spiders and get you listed and ranked in the search engines.

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Web Site Search Engine Optimization: Like Sex?

Web site search engine optimization is crucial to the internet marketing business. It is as intricately related to internet marketing success as choosing a sexy partner is for your personal sense of wellbeing. And just as tricky.

The meaning for search engine optimization is: the process of choosing targeted keywords and keyword phrases related to a Web site so the site will rank high when those terms are part of a Web search; abbr. SEO

Internet marketers are always trying to find the best keywords for web site search engine optimization. There are many keyword tools, an infinite amount of programs and courses, and countless hours of studying to discover the perfect keywords.

Internet marketers are pretty obsessed with search engine optimization, as the key to their online success. They crave long tail keywords and when they find a good one they keep it and treasure it. They will refer to it with such words as “striking gold”.

They build their whole family of websites around these keywords, which they hope will bring them the returns of a well orchestrated campaign. They write articles about them, spend money on them with PPC ads, and even make videos of them. Their marriage to these keywords becomes evident overtime and the love grows.

Just like you don’t share your partner, you also don’t share your keywords. You work with them to create your empire and help you build your success. They are a part of your everyday life; you observe their progress and their behavior on a daily basis. When they do very well, you are proud of them.

But how efficiently they perform will also depend on you. You have to know how to treat them and what to ask of them. You don’t just show them off all over the place, because Google won’t like that. So you treat them with respect and show them with taste and integrity. That’s when keywords will respond the best.

If you know what position to put them in, you can get a lot of search engine juice. You can put them in your header, in your footer, and inbetween. Just don’t abuse them.

The reason certain selective keywords are so appealing to you is because you realize how they attract others. You have what others are looking for, and that makes them very powerful. When so many people are searching for what you have, you know you possess a real gem.

Building your web site search engine optimization is one more endeavor to have the perfect sex with the internet. When you think you’ve got it down pat, you probably have a lot more to learn. It can be very elusive.

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Google Caffeine: The SEO Keyword Just Got More Important

The Internet is chattering about the test release of the newest version of the Google search. This new version has been named Caffeine and for all the right reasons. According to a Mashable test, the results can appear as much as 50% faster than with the old Google search. While Google Caffeine may take half the time to return results, it is the specific results that could be very important to SEO professionals.

Why is Google so Powerful?

Google currently controls more than 70% of the searches on the Internet. This means that 70% of Internet users will search for the information they want using Google as opposed to Yahoo, Bing or the fading AOL. These users are typing in what the SEO world considers long tailed keyword phrases and according to Google, Caffeine will give them more relevant results even if they do not notice the difference. In terms of SEO, there is a very real difference.

When testing the new Google Caffeine against the old version of Google, the results for popular keywords were much more tailored to that keyword. Whereas before, Google results could contain websites that were fakes or duplicates of other high ranking websites stuffed with keywords, the new results seem to weed out the short cuts and focus more on the websites that truly utilize the power of keywords and keyword phrases.

While the algorithm is clearly different and one that SEO professionals will need to figure out when working with their clients, the power of the keyword has never been more pronounced. Quality backlinks and deep links are going to remain highly important. The smaller website is also getting a bit of a boost from the new Google Caffeine.

These smaller websites are often the ones that utilize backlinks and deep linking practices to boost their search engine rank placement (SERP). It seems that Google is finally noticing the hard work and dedication of these smaller websites by giving them a higher ranking on the results pages.

What Does This Mean For SEO?

The most popular websites in the world will generally not see a difference in their page rank. These websites have years of SEO work and backlinking on their side. The smaller website, however, will need to take a harder look at their keyword focus and their Internet marketing. Utilizing a backlink building software or professional backlink building company could be of great use when the new Google Caffeine goes live for the world.

There is also some speculation that websites with a larger inventory of pages and deeper links will fare better with the new Google search engine. This is a welcome change for websites who have been trying to gain page rank and position on the SERP to no avail. In order to take advantage of the new algorithm, the keyword SEO tactics of old simply need to be revisited. Working hard on SEO is still important with a few tweaks on the horizon it seems.

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