7 Seo Tips You May Not Have Thought About

Most online retailers have been working to optimise their sites for some time now and know a great deal about building content, optimising keywords, using tags for images, building site maps and the list goes on and on.If you are in that savvy group of retailers that spend time and effort on optimisation to get the best traffic flow possible to your site, you are always looking for a new tip. Here we have described seven tips that we have discovered as we moseyed around the Web that you might not have seen or thought of yet or not done lately.

New Domains:

1. If you are creating a new domain in a country that uses a country-specific extension such as UK in the United Kingdom or AU in Australia, be sure that the physical IP address is country specific which will improve the likelihood of ranking in that country.

2. Run an IP address search to ensure the IP address hasn’t been black listed before. A blacklisted address is one that has been associated with gaming behavior of some sort and has been punished by search engines by being blacklisted or deemed not worthy of search indexing.Gaming behavior might include activates such as filling a site with keywords that are displayed in white font on white background, so that the reader cannot see them. Instead, the search spider picks up a keyword rich environment that has no real bearing on the site’s content.You can use the Whois website to search for past information about any IP address.

Spider Attraction

3. When was the last time you looked at your site from a search engine spider’s point of view? Try using a text browser (Google Browser, SEO-Browser and Lynx Viewer are possibilities) from time to time to get a visual read on how search engine spiders see your content.

4. Recognise that not every link is a good link. Before linking to a site, use a link checker such as BadNeighborhood to find out whether the site you are planning to link to has been penalised or black listed. Their negative status can affect your page rankings as well.

5. Your static pages such as terms of use, privacy policy and so on do not help your page rank. Take them out of the running by adding No Follow HTML attributes to those pages.

Blog SEO

6. Encouraging people to subscribe to your blog can definitely help rankings because as they post comments, you get credit for fresh content. Did you know that you can also give readers the option to subscribe to your comments section? WordPress, the major player in blogging software, offers a plug-in for that purpose.

7. The blogosphere gives you a wonderful way to directly affect your SEO ratings. Go to Technorati or Google Blogsearch and search on the keyword you want to achieve high rankings on. See which blogs rank in the top five to ten for those words. Start reading and commenting in those blogs and ask for a link.

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