Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Revised Edition

Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Revised Edition
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Who Is Talking About You?Foreword by Seth Godin and Afterword by Guy Kawasaki.Master the art of word of mouth marketing with this practical hands-on guide.With straightforward advice and humor, marketing expert Andy Sernovitz will show you how the world’s most respected and profitable companies get their best customers for free through the power of word of mouth.Learn the five essential steps that make word of mouth work and everything you need to get started using them. Understand the real purpose of blogs, communities, viral email, evangelists, and buzz–when to use them and how simple it is to make them work.Learn[Read More]

SEO Is Simpler Than You Might Think

For those people who have heard of search engine optimization and marveled at it and figured that they would never have the technical knowledge that it would take to get their websites to the top of the search engines, there is hope. While there are some technical aspects about the coding of a site that can get in the way of SEO, the actual SEO is not a technical thing at all.

The best way to describe what kind of person would be good at doing search engine optimization would be an organized, persistent person who never tires of learning new ways to do the same thing. Really, that is it. The biggest area in which people fail at SEO is the actual implementation of it. I do not mean that they implement it wrong (though some certainly do), but rather they simply fail to do it. There are a lot of people who become fascinated when learning how to get their website to rank well, that they never actually do the work.

So now that we have talked about the aspect of actually doing the work, we should talk about a specific SEO tactic that every internet marketer should know how to do correctly. That tactic is link building. So many internet marketers attempt to cheat the system by using the latest and greatest link building tools so that they can build a lot of links in a quick hurry. That is the wrong approach to get the best results and based on a misnomer that the most links wins the top result in the SERPS.

There are several aspects about link building that, once understood, will release you from the bondage of seeking the maximum number of links possible. First, it is important that you understand that not all links are equal and the higher the PR of a page that is linking to you the better. Second, a variety of links is an important aspect to looking natural and being natural. Third, continual growth of links over time is far better than severe peaks and valleys. Lastly, but perhaps the most important is the internal links structure of your site. The search engines use external links as a way to verify what you have already told them the pages in your site are about. The anchor text in the links pointing to your internal pages is the way that you tell the search engines what those pages are about.

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An Overview of Affiliate Marketing and How to Increase Profits

As an experienced affiliate marketer myself, I can relate to the challenges faced by all of you out there just starting out. So lets take a look at exactly what affiliate marketing is and how to maximize your efforts to centralize your focus.

Affiliate marketing defined

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a way to sell products supplied by other people for a commission on each sale. This benefits the product owner as well as the affiliate. The owner gets their product seen and viewed by a great number of people. You, as an affiliate, promote that product and find prospects who are interested in that product. For this work, you receive a portion, normally between 30% and 75% of the sell price, as a commission.

The problem with promoting numerous affiliate products

Usually, the affiliate program will give you an affiliate link to the products sales letter or home page. That link points back at you so the owner knows who to pay for that sale. The problem with this is that the links are very long, complex and cannot possibly be remembered later. So if you are promoting a number of different products, you will have to keep track of all those links and campaigns separately. That can be a burden, to say the least.

The solution that works!

The best thing you can do is to start a central affiliate web site where you can promote ALL your affiliate products in one place. This gives you one place to go and see your progress at any given moment. It also gives you one, central place to send all your prospects. Once there, they will not only see the product that brought them there, but ALL the products you have available.

Having your own web site to market your affiliate items has several major benefits, including:

1. Traffic generation is easier. Send all your prospects to one place for all the products in your directory, whether it is 10 or 1000.

2. Makes you noticeable as an individual. By drawing people top tour own web site, you can build those relationships and work them to other products that they may find useful.

3. Total control over the way it all looks. Present the links to the products in any way you like. You will have complete control over the layout and presentation.

4. Total control over the content. You will also have complete autonomy over the text that is placed on the site. As long as it doesnt violate the terms of the affiliate agreement, you can use it. This includes the anchor text (words that are hyper-linked to the sales page for the product).

5. Reporting is key. The host company always makes certain reporting available to even free members. You can target the times of day that people navigated to your site, which pages they accessed most often and where they came from. All is very good info for you to have access to.

There are more than just these benefits, but you get the idea. Having your own web site to bring visitors to is the most powerful way you can work your affiliate products/services.

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Methods For Attracting Traffic To Clickbank

Being one of the affiliates of Clickbank, whether new or experienced, your effort to simply upload a product and wait for large revenue to come your way might not have come true. If so, you are not the only one whose dream of making large cash right from the beginning turned into a nightmare. But there are certainly ways and means to derive large income from the internet. But don’t just think just one advertisement or the search engines would provide the large traffic that you have been wanting to make your business successful.

Possibly the easiest job to do as the ClickBank affiliate will be to make the web site and choosing your own affiliate product, which can be done in minutes. However, by just making it available online cannot produce the money you are looking for. You have to perform much more important jobs after making the product available online. That is to constantly promote and attract people to visit the site and place an order. This job of marketing your products has to be a constant and continuous job and is to be done daily.

Every new marketer prays to find the answer to his big question of knowing the methods and places from which he can get traffic to his site. In fact, you can generate quite easily large volume of traffic, even if your site is the simplest. Depending on the time, money and the efforts you can put in, you can choose amongst many methods available for the purpose.

One way is to submit your site to the search engines and directories. There are many internet sites and offline ezine and newspaper publishers related to the topics of your site and you can submit your articles to them. Make them also add their affiliate links to the articles corresponding to your product. These products can be your own or the ones you have right to sell and through these affiliates, you make money for yourself as well the publishers whom you have identified.

Be habitual to write two to three articles every week, the subject of the article closely related to your web site or its specific pages. It should be preferably about 1000 words each in two parts. Take care to see that each part is complete in itself and make meaning independently. Host one part of the article in your web site and the other may be sent for publishing in online directories. Link the resource box of the online articles to your web site thus increasing incoming traffic to your site. Search engines having taken note of this traffic would provide you a higher ranking in their listings.

Another method you can use is that advertising. One way of advertising is low cost classified ads. These ads can make people visit your site, either for more information or to make a purchase. Another way to advertise is online, at one of the numerous free advertising locations. Use as many of them as possible, and be sure to keep your best ads updated. You can also present yourself as an expert by answering questions in popular websites like Yahoo. A good way to attract people to your website is to add a link to your answer.

You should also start the habit of blogging on the subject of your web site, indeed lot of blogs covering different aspects of your subject. All the posts and comments are to be linked back to your web site. These blogs are to be continuously updated so that search engines would keep your ranking at higher levels. Also take membership of top blog directories to popularise your blogs. Look for blogs and forums dealing with your subject and remember to leave posts and comments in them with links back to your web site. By doing this, you are improving your search engine rankings. Those who are attracted to your web site may be provided with your newsletter or a free report.

You can also record reviews of your product or web site in various blogs and forums using a ?pen name? or ?pseudonym?. This can provide indirect promotion to your business. But take enough care to conceal your real identify otherwise the customers may not like the idea of your indirect promotion through such ?novel? but questionable methods. If some forums have rules prohibiting such practices as ?unethical?, abide by their conventions otherwise you may face disqualifications from their memberships. If you can obtain independent third party reviews, which are believed by one and all, that would be quite boosting to your business efforts.

These are not the only ways to promote your product?you can also try getting a press release, which, when published, will encourage readers to visit your site, or you can even produce a short, free report, or publish an eBook in the free eBook directories, focusing on the subject of your website.

Graham McKenzie is an internationally recognised Internet Marketing expert who recently published a free report called the ClickBank Success Report which reveals cutting edge strategies for ClickBank vendors and affiliates. For more information visit: http://www.cbsuccessreport.com

Are You Embracing Social Networking?

For budding webmasters or individuals that want to improve their web optimisation, there are tips to help you facilitate this and drive more traffic, more visitors all at the expense of links, wite submission and engaging social networking.


So you have now made your website as search engine friendly as possible, we now need to give them a bit of help to find you and start indexing your site. We now need to consider the following areas;

  1. Inbound Links
  2. Search Engine Submission
  3. Social Networking

Inbound Links

Links from other websites are an important tool for increasing your popularity. Not only will you get more visitors but the search engines will also hold your website in higher regard the more people who are linking to you. There are some really easy and again free ways to do this;

  1. Press Releases
  2. Business Directories
  3. Networking Forums

Press Releases

This is one of the most powerful free tools, a well written press release both promotes your company to potential customers and can create hundreds of back links to your website. They are often picked up my automated RSS readers and can very quickly spread around the web. You can also create as many as you want!

A few things to bear in mind when you write the release are, make it catchy, always write in the third person, where you can include your logo always do and always put a link back to your website where you can.

There are many free press release sites available, just peform a search for free press release

Business Directories

Business directories are a great way to get some genuine static links to your site, take the time to fill out as much content as you can and be careful which categories you place your business in. A quick web search for Free Business Directories brings up hundreds.

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine submission is an important tool that can help speed up the time it takes for the search engines to find and index your website. It is not recommended to submit your website more often than every 6-8 weeks.

Social Networking

Social Networking for Business is still not being used as much as it should be though websites such as Facebook and Myspace are very highly ranked by the search engines and having a page for your business can prove very useful. You should also encourage your employees to become a fan or join your network as you never know who their friends might be. They might just be your target market. Some of these networks such as Facebook also allow you to have a subdomain such as mynetwork.com/mycompany. A few of the biggest are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Myspace
  3. Linkedin

Another useful tool for your website is to add a way for your visitors to add a link to your website on their own Social networking page. People are often using this now to save their Favourites/BookMarks so that they are accessible wherever they might be, tools such as addthis make it very easy to include these on your site.

SEO is an ongoing project and should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy and done correctly can provide an excellent, cost effective route to market.

Tracking Your Success

So you have now submitted your website to the search engines, sent out your press release and created your Facebook page, how do you know how successful you have been??

There are lots of ways to measure the traffic to your site, the obvious one being an increase in orders though this does not tell you how many you are missing where customers are visiting your site but not staying or are leaving through the checkout process.

There are a number of free statistical tools available such as Google Analytics that will provide you with detailed statistics for the traffic to your website. All that you need to do is insert a piece of code, similar to embedding a YouTube video, within the code of your website and let it do its job. When signing up you will be given a username and password so you can login and view the information it has collected.

Other websites that hold statistical data or will analyse your traffic for free are:

  • Alexa
  • urltrends
  • About
  • Addfreestats
  • Gostats

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