Internet Marketing Advice: Building an Online Presence

If you want to succeed with your website or online business, the most important piece of Internet marketing advice that you can receive is to build your online presence. Building an online presence takes a lot of work, and there are many different ways of going about it. The best strategy is to incorporate several different approaches to ensure that your presence grows as large and as quickly as possible.

One of the most essential ways of increasing your online presence is through search engine optimization (SEO). Your presence in the search engines is the key to the amount of traffic that your site receives and is extremely important to your success. To build your presence with SEO you have to spend time doing keyword research and link building, choosing a good domain name and implementing other fundamental strategies that can aid in your success.

Internet gurus who give expert Internet marketing advice say that many people fail in internet marketing because they spend some time on basic SEO, but they don’t spend time on other strategies to increase their online presence. If you truly want to grow your business, you have to do much more than just basic SEO.

One of the other tactics that you can use is to participate in social networking. Social networking involves all of the different web 2.0 communities that are available today. These include the major sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, to link sharing sites like Digg and media sites such as YouTube.

If you spend time joining some of these different networks and participating with their communities and members, you will help your business gain a foothold in your market, finding new prospects along the way. All of the major social networking sites are different, and they all won’t work for everyone. The challenge lies in learning which ones are appropriate for your company and figuring out how you can exploit the sites for your advantage.

Another potential way to help build your online presence is through article marketing. Article marketing entails writing and distributing articles to various online magazines and directories. You get to include a resource box with your article that includes a blurb about yourself and your company, and links back to your website. And linkbacks are very powerful in getting your site noticed by the search engines and Google.

By providing unique, interesting and valuable information in your articles you can increase your site’s reputation and establish yourself as a knowledgeable member of the community. People will begin to seek you out as a trusted source of information, and you’ll see more traffic to your site.

These are just a few of the ways that your site can see an improved online presence. The best path to success is one that involves many different techniques that work together to produce the greatest results.

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The Absolute SEO And Linkbuilding Fundamentals

For an SEO the ultimate goal is to get listed above the fold on the first page of the search engines. This almost guarantees traffic – both targeted visitors and steady streams of hits. Of course, traffic is absolutely essential to a website. It provides your site with a community and depending on your site’s purpose, you could make money or build a lot of credibility only with traffic.

To get the rankings they are after SEOs devote their expertise to both on page and off page aspects of attracting the search engine’s attention. It is important that a website be able to be read by the search engine spiders in a way that highlights the site’s focus and main keywords. This is the on site optimization process in a nutshell. The off site process involved promoting the site to other sites to attract backlinks which pass authority and relevance back to the target site and encourage the search engines to rank it.

The most common onsite SEO practices revolve around the content and the source code. Of course the content has to contain the keywords that the site is about prominently enough to get noticed and ranked for those keywords. However, because the search engine spiders actually read a site via it’s source code there are many more coding hints that have to be given to the search engines to that they are sufficiently instructed about the site’s subject. Meta tags, Alt tags, heading tags and anchor text are just some of the methods used here.

Finally, once a site is properly constructed for on page and source code optimization factors an SEO will promote the site to other webmasters looking for anchor text backlinks containing the target keywords. Some of the backlinking happens naturally as other webmasters, bloggers and visitors link to the site on their own virtual real estate or via social bookmarking sites. But there is also a lot of networking that goes on behind the scenes to encourage other site owners, particularly those with authority sites, to link to a new site.

These SEO and linkbuilding fundamentals can be followed by experienced and new webmasters equally and there is a lot of information online to help all categories of web site creators. The key, of course, to any site’s success is its content. Good content will always trump amateur stuff because it will generate its own authority and interst. Still, it’s important to know the SEO and linkbuilding fundamentals that will help to promote your site to search engine spiders and get you listed and ranked in the search engines.

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Do You Understand the Power of One Way Links?

One way links are links posted on other websites directing traffic to your website. These links can be to the home page of the website or to the inner pages of the website. If the link directs the reader to a page other than the home page, it is considered a deep link. One way links are a fantastic way to utilize SEO practices to increase your link popularity with the search engines.

Article submission websites are probably the most familiar form of gaining one way links. These websites require the author to write on a topic related to their website and include a link to that website either in the body of the article or in the resource box. Different article submission websites will have different rules regarding where and how many links can be included per article.

If the one way link is placed in the resource box, the URL should be included using anchor text. Anchor text is the website’s main keyword, or set of keywords. The resource box should also provide the reader with information about the author and a good call to action.

Other Ways to Build One Way Links…

The article submission websites are not the only source of quality one way links. The articles published on your website can provide a great source of backlinks as well. If the articles are of great quality, you can ask other websites to publish these articles with a link to the article. It is important to use the direct link to the article and not the link to the home page of the website whenever possible. While home page one way links are great, deep links are even better.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to create one way links to your website. Many businesses create a main website and then a blog for that website. It is very important to post more on the blog than just one way links to your website pages. The blog needs to gain just as much popularity as the website and if every post contains a link for personal use, the blog could be considered spammy. Readers tend to latch on to blogs that offer both great free information and one way links.

Freebies, Software and More…

One of the hottest trends in building backlinks are freebies and software. Websites that offer free eBooks or downloadable software will often include a link to their website within these freebies. Online video tutorials can also be used as a freebie on a website to boost one way links.

There are more than one hundred ways of building quality backlinks. The key is quality. Throwing your anchor text linked URL on just any article or a substandard software will not bring the visitor back for more. Earning a return visitor is the reason for taking your time and choosing the right backlinks. Your visitor will be impressed and tell others leading to organic traffic and better search engine clout.

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The Top 4 Biggest Myths About Search Engine Optimization

Some people collect basketball cards, my nieces and nephews collect pokemon cards, some people even collect stamps. When I was growing up I used to collect baseball cards, well as I grew older and things in my life started changing, I realize that my thirst for collecting things really hasn’t died down at all.

I still do a whole lot of collecting; only now, call me crazy, it seems I collect online money making kits. I have volumes upon volumes of them, some of them are very good and effective and others are extremely misleading. What I want to do for you today is explain to you some of the biggest myths that I have seen out there when it comes to search engine optimization.

I do not want you making some of the mistakes that many people are making out there as they blindly follow the words so called “internet gurus.” The truth is, as time goes on, things change. What used to work yesterday, may not work today. What you are taking advantage of now, may not be available tomorrow. So what am I talking about? What are these myths? Well let’s dive right in.

Myth #1:

The more search directories and search engines that you submit your website to, the more traffic you will generate, thus more sales will occur from your site.

The Real Deal:

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but when I need to find something, I go straight to Google. If I can’t find it on Google, then I go to Yahoo and the buck stops there. In fact it usually stops at Google. If in fact I don’t find it on Yahoo, I go to MSN. I know I said I don’t know if YOU are anything like me, but I do know that most of the country is, because according to qSearch market research, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and ASK handle 98.5% of all of the searches for the entire market in the United States.

Now I am no rocket scientist, but it stands to reason that if the majority of the searches on the internet are done using 5 search engines, then if you learn the right strategies of promoting on those engines, and do it well, then you *should* have better results than submitting your site and mastering the use of those other search engines where nobody is at.

Myth #2:

A site PROMISES that they can GUARANTEE you that you will be at the top of the results page when people do keyword searches. SO BUY THEIR PRODUCT NOW!

The Real Deal:

Wouldn’t that be nice? I swear I bought that yesterday, and so did the rest of the internet marketers out there. Guess what the problem is now? We are all doing the same thing so pages aren’t being indexed correctly by the search engine and the most valuable pages are not at the top.

Now I know it sounds like this is a sarcastic response, but the truth is this; as e-commerce evolves every search engine continually modifies and enhances their algorithms for page rankings which makes it impossible for anyone other than the search engine to know what they are, thus making it impossible to back up that guarantee.

This key point is the reason that you as an internet marketer must learn to stay on top of the search engine trends so that you can continue to stay on the top of the lists, or you can catch it first and make your way up there. As I stated before, what you are taking advantage of now, may not be available tomorrow. It is possible however, to provide you with some strategies that have proven useful in the past which may help in your ranking today.

Myth #3:

Submit your page every single day or every single week over and over again so that they will re-index you at a higher rank.

The Real Deal:

Now this is downright malicious. I can only imagine the look on all of your faces when you get an e-mail from a search engine that you are doing this to that tells you that as a result your site has been banned from their indexing system (Commence jaw dropping). The only time that you should ever be re-submitting your site to the search engine is if it is no longer located there, meaning that you searched directly for the URL in their search bar and it returned zero results.

Myth #4:

Create a TON of doorway pages to your site, and spam the search engines with them so you will get a high rank, tons of traffic, and your sales will skyrocket!

The Real Deal:

This is another strategy that can get you banned from search engines today. This was actually an accurate statement in the past where there was very small recourse from the search engines, but they have caught on to this and it does not work any longer. What you CAN do is create an elaborate site with many specialized pages that are legitimate and real. This is acceptable as long as they are not garbage doorway pages, so that when someone clicks on it they don’t instantly click the back button since the page was a fake, and you will have a better chance of ranking higher.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a search engine is to give the best quality results to a person based on the search criteria that they entered. Bogus pages are a direct violation of this and therefore fail to give you any sustained results over a long period of time.

So the next time you are thinking about search engine optimization, remember these myths. You are bound to run into less trouble with the search engines, and save yourself a lot of time and frustration on ineffective tactics.

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Cheap Web Traffic – Consider A Few Points

In our quest for cheap web traffic, we really have to think about one main factor and that is our budget. Also of course there is how much time and effort we are going to put into generating it as well. Although, if we have a relatively big budget, then we could hire a professional to help us.

To find out how much our click-throughs are costing us we have to divide the money we have spent by the number of clicks that have been generated. If you are only working on a smaller investment, then it is advisable to spend some effort and time and work on it personally. There are various methods we could use.

One of the best ways to get web traffic is to get some one way links to your site. It is good to get as many links as you can because this will mean that you will not only get some good targeted traffic to your site, it will also help with your search engine rankings.

The good news is that once you start getting articles published then you will start to get a never ending stream of traffic to your website. You will be amazed at the number of people who will want to link to your site. There are a lot of information starved people out there, believe me.

Pay per click is another way to get fast traffic to your website. It is simply a method by which you put your small ads on other peoples websites or search engines and you only pay for the traffic when someone clicks through to your site.

Pay per click can be quite cost effective. There are several things to take into consideration when you are using pay par click, ideally you will use long tail keywords that will help keep your costs down, also look for other ‘companion words’ to use that are cheaper as well. By this I mean, find words or phrases to use that are similar to what you are promoting.

Another idea with pay per click is to advertise similar products on your website, for example,if your website is about ‘aromatherapy’ , you may like to put a small ad about ‘weightloss’ somewhere on the page. This is a low key way to market your tue objective, the weightloss product.

A cheaper way to get links to your site is to build them yourself. Sort out what sort of campaign you want to develop and activate it using some software and continually submit your site every month. You can also exchange links with other webmasters.This can have the effect of doubling your own efforts automatically.

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