Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing success is one of the easiest ways to generate income online.

There are really only two things you have to do to get Internet Marketing working for you!

You have to find a good offer and then find the right customers to buy it.

In affiliate sales half of this (the big half) is done already! That's a huge advantage.

So affiliate marketing boils down to getting people to see your affiliate link…click on it…see the offer…buy the product…and repeat.

Now…go find a good offer at Clickbank. Just get it done. Now you have something to sell.

And you have what is known at Clickbank as a “hoplink”. That's your secure affiliate code that INSURES you get paid!

Now all you have to do is get people to your offer that are interested in your offer. I know that sounds simplistic…but…if you are selling “Horse leads” you want people who typed into Google “Horse leads”

That would be your keyword and that is how you “sort” your traffic.

How to do it? There are quite a few ways, actually. I started by writing an “article”.

My first article wasn't much different than this one but it served two purposes, both of which you, as an affiliate marketer, really want.

One…the article kind of “sorts out” the type of customer you want to see your offer. And

Two…the article engages the prospect and hopefully encourages them to click your link at the bottom of the page.

Basically speaking, here's an example. Let's say your offer is “Stop Your Dog From Barking.”

You write an article about stopping your dog from barking and you put your affiliate link to the “Stop Dog Barking” offer you have to show them right into your “Resource Box”.

Next you submit the article to an article submission outfit. Most people start with Ezinearticles. I use it AND Isnare.

Could something that simple actually work? You bet! All you gotta do is two things.

You have to find a good offer and then find customers to buy it.

There are some little “side things” that need to be done to make this work, but I call that “Infrastructure”. Once it's done it stays in place as long as you want.

One of those things is a “landing page”. Consider Squidoo. Or Hubpages.

Or you could use a free hosted blog page at Blogger on which you have written a little pre-sell copy about “Stopping Your Dog From Barking” being a darn good idea and your affiliate link clearly displayed on it.

So… to recap…you write an article with a link in the resource box to your “landing page”. Your landing page pre-sells them a bit and shows them your affiliate link. That's it.

Your job is to keep writing articles that will drive people interested in stopping their dog from barking to your landing page which has your affiliate link on it to the offer about stopping dogs from barking!

If you are willing to do this, I predict a commission notice fairly soon and more to follow.
If you kept this up, improving little things as you went along, this would make you money as long as dogs bark.

Remember…Just Two Things…Find a good offer and then find customers to buy it!

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