Backing Into Success with Incoming Links

Incoming links (also known as backlinks) are very important for your website if you want to rank high on the results page of major search engines. If you are a relatively new website, you might have a link or two from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, for example. Unfortunately, to really top the search results, you need a number of quality incoming links, and if they come from another site with a lot of incoming links, so much the better.

Basically, incoming links are treated as a gauge of how valuable a website is to people. Your average Internet user tends to enter his search terms and then look at the first page of results (sometimes, even just the first one or two items). If you want to maximize your traffic, you need to understand the importance of having incoming links to your website. There are a few different reasons why incoming links are so critical.

For one thing, search engines love incoming links. Just to restate what was mentioned earlier, search engines use incoming links to gauge how much people appreciate your website. If lots of people are linking to your blog post on how to skin a deer, for example, you have demonstrated to the search engines that your website has something people want to read.

Once you’ve done this, you will rank higher, not just on that one page, but overall. You want to have incoming links go to your deep pages as well as your homepage, because if you only have links on your homepage, the search engines will simply assume that you have nothing of value beyond your homepage.

Turn Blogging and Social Networking Into Marketing

You can generate incoming links from all sorts of different places. If you’re a blogger, you might have fellow bloggers reading your posts and linking to you on their own blogs. If your business has a website on interpreting news events, and you get several links from major news websites, your website is going to shoot to the top of the results because you were linked by respected, popular websites. It’s kind of like being endorsed by a celebrity when you’re still an unknown. Until people get to know you for you, having links to your site will cause more people to see you in the results and follow those links to your deep pages.

Don’t underestimate the value of social networking and bookmarking websites either. Any time those social bookmarking sites like Digg or StumbleUpon add a link to your website, you are getting free publicity and free deep links. If a page on your site gets enough attention, you’ll not only get recognized more by search engines, but you’ll also be generating more traffic through that magical marketing technique called “word of mouth.”

All of this is valuable, but it can take much too long to generate incoming links when you’re just starting out. You might want to try a service like NextGenLinks, which will help you grow the incoming links to your website naturally and help you get the kind of traffic and search results you’ve been dreaming of getting.

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