Bing SEO – How to Optimize Your Website for Bing

Few months ago, Microsoft launched their new search engine: Bing. Since its launch, there are many discussions and debates about whether Bing will overtake Yahoo and Google. Although it is still very early to talk about Bing disposing the big 2, the future seems good after several good reviews about Bing.

It does not matter whether Bing is going to be the new number 1 or number 2. The fact is, Bing is definitely going to capture a bigger market share compared to its predecessor MSN Live. So it is important that you know how to optimize your website for Bing. Now, let me share with you a few tips to get your website to rank high on Bing.

  1. Name your HTML pages properly. If a page is talking about cleaning services, you should name your file as “cleaning-services.html”, using hyphen to separate each word. Using important keywords to name your files will definitely help in Bing optimization.
  2. Make sure the title is relevant to the content of the page. Title tag optimization is very important when it comes to Bing optimization. Place important keywords at the start of the Title and make sure that the keywords you use are relevant to the content of the page.
  3. Register your domain name early and don’t change it unnecessarily. The age of a domain plays a part when it comes to SEO. Bing tends to like older domain names. So you choose the right domain name from the beginning so that you don’t need to change it after a year.
  4. Add more content to your website. Search engines love content, especially Google and Bing. So if you have articles, post them onto your websites. If not, add a blog to your site and update it regularly.
  5. Keep your URL simple and static. URLs that change frequently are difficult to index. So make your URL static and keep it as simple as possible. Remember to place keywords in your URL.
  6. Build links. Link building is an important process of SEO. If you want to rank high on Bing, get other sites to link back to your website. Bing will see your site as popular and reward you with high rankings.
  7. Rank well on Google. If your site ranks well on Google, most probably you will rank well on Bing.

So start optimizing your website for Bing today if you want to get more traffic to your website in the near future.

Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOm, an online marketing agency that specializes in search engine marketing.

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