Blog Vs. Website Which is Better For Promoting Products?

Which is the best way of advertising and promoting products on the web? Should I build a blog or should I build a website. Heres the big question I hear over and over. So lets first define what a blog is and what a website is.
A blog or a weblog is a type of website. Blogging is the dynamic choice for someone who has something to sell, say or portray. Once you start a blog it is best to try to update it every day. That way you can build a readership and potential customers since that should be your objective. You want to keep to the subject matter as much as possible. Put a link to anything you find that is pertinent to your content. The entries can be commentary or news about events that interest the visitors to the blog. The readers ability to leave comments to the posts make it an interactive dialogue for all.

A website is the same as a blog, except it is static, it is not dynamic like a blog. This is where you actually describe your products and/or services. You can update a website as often as you like, but this is usually only done if you change your products. You should have a link to your Blog on this site to allow customers to get updates as often as you post them. People cant just type in comments for everyone to see. Also with a website there are no posts to update. With the new blog software out now, it can be very difficult to tell whether it is a blog or a website.
Advantages of a blog:

1. A huge advantage of a blog is that blogs allows you to post written text, audio and video and have it online within minutes, unlike traditional static websites which can take hours to update and cost a lot if youre not familiar with building or editing web sites.

2. To me, the biggest advantages of having a blog is you get the site up quick, write your first post and you are ready to do business online.

3. Optimizing your site for the search engines is far easier with a blog. Ever time you write a new post (new content) on to your blog, you do something called pinging the update service. You are notifying the search engines that you have new content on your site. The search engines will visit your site and index your site more often than a static website. Blogs will also show up many times more often in organic searches than a regular website.

4. It is much cheaper to set up a blog and maintain the site than it is for a static website.

5. Bloggers build credibility far faster than someone running a static website. The blogger is always posting and adding new content. The blogger is actually building a relationship with the readers, and the readers have the ability to comment back.

6. When you want to make a post on your blog, you enter your back office type your post and it is sent out instantly. With a static website, you have to open up your editor, write the article, update the page properties before uploading that page to your site using FTP software. Once youve done all of that, you have to wait until the search engines to visit your site to get it indexed again.

There are many more reasons that I could still add to the argument for a blog site, but I hope Ive given you enough reasons here, that you can make an informed decision on blog vs. website. The best way would be to have a blog where you can post and a website that has your products; where you can link the to sites off each other to increase sales.

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