Creating Articles The Easy Way

Many people shrink from the idea of writing articles in horror. The truth is that the longer you’ve been in business and the more expert you are, the easier and quicker they are to write, but you don’t really need any special knowledge and there are several simple techniques you can use to get your articles out there.

If you are looking to have your article picked up by a lot of sites, it makes sense to write something people will be interested in. Articles are like books, you don’t know you want them till after you’ve read them, but as author you need to convince people to buy without reading. Fortunately most article directories allow you to create a synopsis or teaser and this is what anyone conducting a manual search of the directory will read. A word of warning. Writing a teaser which does not deliver in the body of the article is not a good idea. Don’t forget the purpose of the exercise is to get a link to your site. The title of the article is also important. Think what people will be looking for, and give it to them.

One simple way to do this is to think of the questions you are asked about your business. Is there one question that gets asked more than the others? That’s your first article, and your second and your third. Believe it or not writing articles in threes can be easier.

Pick a subject and cover it thoroughly. Write 700-1000 words and try to solve a problem.

Now take your thorough article and break it down into bullet points. This will become a ‘seven secrets’ or ‘five things you need to know’ or ‘3 things to avoid’ article. Make sure that when you create the bullet points you take words out, but leave information in.

Looking back at the first article again, find one section you could cut out, a sub-problem if you like, and enlarge on it. If your business uses some jargon, and most do, a short article on the jargon could be really useful. If that doesn’t seem possible create a short 500 word summary of your article, again, words out, information in. This becomes article number three ‘An overview of …’

In many cases if you take this approach with all the questions you are asked, you’ll be able to build up a bank of useful, informative articles in a short time. Practice working to the clock and producing an article in ever shorter and shorter times.

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