Do You Understand the Power of One Way Links?

One way links are links posted on other websites directing traffic to your website. These links can be to the home page of the website or to the inner pages of the website. If the link directs the reader to a page other than the home page, it is considered a deep link. One way links are a fantastic way to utilize SEO practices to increase your link popularity with the search engines.

Article submission websites are probably the most familiar form of gaining one way links. These websites require the author to write on a topic related to their website and include a link to that website either in the body of the article or in the resource box. Different article submission websites will have different rules regarding where and how many links can be included per article.

If the one way link is placed in the resource box, the URL should be included using anchor text. Anchor text is the website’s main keyword, or set of keywords. The resource box should also provide the reader with information about the author and a good call to action.

Other Ways to Build One Way Links…

The article submission websites are not the only source of quality one way links. The articles published on your website can provide a great source of backlinks as well. If the articles are of great quality, you can ask other websites to publish these articles with a link to the article. It is important to use the direct link to the article and not the link to the home page of the website whenever possible. While home page one way links are great, deep links are even better.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to create one way links to your website. Many businesses create a main website and then a blog for that website. It is very important to post more on the blog than just one way links to your website pages. The blog needs to gain just as much popularity as the website and if every post contains a link for personal use, the blog could be considered spammy. Readers tend to latch on to blogs that offer both great free information and one way links.

Freebies, Software and More…

One of the hottest trends in building backlinks are freebies and software. Websites that offer free eBooks or downloadable software will often include a link to their website within these freebies. Online video tutorials can also be used as a freebie on a website to boost one way links.

There are more than one hundred ways of building quality backlinks. The key is quality. Throwing your anchor text linked URL on just any article or a substandard software will not bring the visitor back for more. Earning a return visitor is the reason for taking your time and choosing the right backlinks. Your visitor will be impressed and tell others leading to organic traffic and better search engine clout.

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