Does the Internet Provide Adsense Alternatives?

Adsences nearly dominated the realm of online advertising, many would think that they can find no Adsense alternatives. Indeed, if there is one top profitable advertising program on the internet that would be Google Adsense. This advertising program can be found in almost every site and blog available online, as the ads can bring forth significant profit to your business. While many think that Adsense is the only pay per click that exists on the internet, they are certainly mistaken. In fact, there are many different advertising programs which you can subscribe to when you plan to make money online.

According to Yahoo Answers and other research I have done, some of them are: AdBrite- AdBrite is an online advertising company that provides different ads related to your site. Among its best features is that it has banner and text ads, and interstitial ads which can cover a whole web page whenever someone visits your site. It also offers Inline ads and pop-ads which appear whenever you highlight a keyword.

These days, you can now make video advertisements through AdBrite. DoubleClick- established way back in the early days of the internet, DoubleClick has been one of the pioneer online advertising programs available on the internet. It has catered to clients such as Nike, Microsoft, Carlsberg, Coca-cola, General Motors and Motorola, to name a few. You can make money online by including DoubleClick ads to your site, and it does give significant profits through commissions as well.
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ADTECH- ADTECH is an AOL-AG-owned ad server company which focuses on ad serving technologies which provide a wide variety of benefits to both advertisers and marketers through means of interactive ads. It is a great alternative to Adsense since it offers you more interactive ads which can easily attract the attention of your target market.

Yahoo Pay-Per-Click- Yahoo PPC is probably the biggest competitor to Adsense. A lot of companies trust Yahoo PPC for their ad campaigns mainly because of the latter’s efficiency and user-friendly techniques. Yahoo PPC also gives occasional tips and tricks on how to effectively promote ads on your site, thus it would be easier for you to make money online.

Finally, there’s OpenX. It is an open-source ad server which became popular due to the fact that it promotes programs developed by the open source community. Yahoo Answers recommends this site especially when you support technological varieties. Just like other ad servers, OpenX has zone-based ad selection and campaign targeting, as well as direct ad selection and standard banner rotation, Adobe Flash Support and ad capping.

Even with this information I must admit that with adsnese working so well I am concerned that adsense might not let me use them. This means you really have to be careful when considering other ad networks like adsense making sure they fit what adsence with allow
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