Everything You Need to Know About Article Directories

Normally, any SEO campaign involves lots of techniques in order to optimize the site for better search engine results. Some of these techniques are genuine and some are used just to attract the attention of search engine crawlers, for better indexing of the site. Both the methods are helpful in the short term. However, if you want long term benefits then you should focus on methods that are genuine. With time, search engines are becoming more and more intelligent, they are now focusing more on the relevancy of the content and the link, which means just building a link is not enough, you have to provide links with high quality relevant content and the content should be updated on a regular basis. This is the reason most top ranking sites have features like blogs, news letters and latest reports. All these features need regular revision. Search engines favor the content that is constantly updated, its best if you can update your content every day and if not daily, weekly. If you do not update your website content often enough, than your website ranking will drop and your traffic decline.

Article directories are very helpful in getting quality organic links. Imagine you are getting a link from a medical site while your site sells greeting cards. This is absolutely irrelevant. Links provided by these directories are contextual. As mentioned earlier search engine bots will always prefer an organic link. Thousands of articles are submitted to these sites every day. But before submission, all the articles have to go through a firm quality check. Strict editorial guidelines are used to make sure that only high quality content can make it through the process. Techniques like keyword stuffing is strictly prohibited. Keyword density in any article should not exceed more than 2-3%. For maintaining highest level of quality, both the automated and manual article approval methods are used.

For good results, an article should be relevant and must provide quality information regarding your products and services. Ideal word count for an article is around 500-700 words. Grammatical and spelling mistakes should be avoided at all cost. Plagiarism is aggressively restricted by the directory administration, so cut, copy and paste methods should not be used. Title and summary are very important aspect of an article and should be written with utmost care. Article must be well structured and it should not feel like an advertisement of a particular product. It should feel more like a product review from the point of view of an intelligent customer. If you are not a professional writer than hiring one for writing an article is a good idea. Professional writers can be found by searching for freelancers on the search engines.

One great way to submit articles is to use article distribution sites, there are many article distribution site you can use.

Submitting user friendly articles to article directories and blogs is a great way to attract quality website traffic to your site and at the same time build quality backlinks.

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