Finding the Best Keyword Research Tool

To optimize your site both in the page rankings and actual popularity, you will have to use a keyword research tool. This program helps you dig out the keywords you need to include on your website content and promotional articles. The reason behind this is so that they would be recognized by search engines, as well as by people who do a search query using the said keyword phrases.

Keyword strategy is always important to your website. Not only does it fulfill the above mentioned goals, but it helps you learn more about the niche you chose, and the opportunities for bigger business. Thus, below are some of the highly recommended keyword tools you can use when generating content for your site.

Trellions Keyword Discovery Tool- this tool is recommended by most web developers mainly because of its ability to capture information from over 180 different search engines. Based on user reviews, Keyword Discovery has a comprehensive database that comprises of over 1.5 billion searches every month. This keyword research tool includes features such as KEI analysis, related key phrase searches, seasonal search trends, keyword density analysis and common spellings and misspellings, so you know which keywords to use both on your content and in meta tags.

Another highly recommended keyword tool is SearchStatus. It is supported by some of the most prominent people behind Google and Alexa, such as Matt Cutts and Geoff Mack. SearchStatus serves as a toolbar which allows you to check how each and every site performs across the web. Among the features of SearchStatus are popularity rankings in Google, Alexa, Yahoo and MSN, all in just one place. Also, SearchStatus is an open-source product, thus it is free to download and use.

For Mozilla Firefox users who want to get involved in the ins and outs of keyword strategy, you can then use SEO extension for Firefox. This tool is developed to get more data from Google and Yahoo, as well as analyze the competitive value of online markets. The SEO extension provides a different approach when it comes to keyword research, as it digs through even blogs and syndication sites.

Wordtracker-one of the most popular keyword research tools used today is Wordtracker. Wordtracker gained prominence because of its focus on meta tags, which most website developers still rely on today. Wordtracker has a vast database of keywords and keyword phrases which you can use both as your main keywords and related key phrases. Although this tool digs only on meta-search engines, clients still love it because of its user-friendly interface and reliable functionality.

Finally, theres Nichebot. Nichebot is also among the favorite keyword tools these days, mainly because of its functionality and wide database. It consists of many different features such as keyword density tracker, quick digging tools and deep digging tools, and helpful statistics which allow you to see which keywords hold great demand and value to your site. It also has a keyword basket for you to store the keywords that you want to review and eventually reuse.

So, if you are looking for a good keyword strategy to boost up your sites popularity and page ranking, then try to use these tools and see how well they would change your business. Websites For Success also sells a site builder that includes an excellent keyword search tool, the tools you would need to build and promote your site are all in one easy place. Check us out at for articles and insight into website building.

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