Google Adwords – Keyword Quality Score and Branding Business

Google Adwords, the main objective behind Search Engine Querying, Advertising, Marketing and Promotion is to maximize the End User Experience in finding the desired information on the fly. Google has intention to give best satisfied experience to end user, marketer, publisher and itself

To implement the above objective in Google Adwords, Google has introduced Keywords Quality Score parameter, Quality Score controls many aspects in Google Adwords Campaigns and influenced by various factors.
Let us discuss in brief about Quality Score here,

Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign, the most important aspect is to maintain the good Quality Score Key words. Quality Score is the only factor that determines the Cost-per click, ad position and ad display frequency. Google Adwords has divided the Quality Score in dynamically fluctuating 10 points each time the user enters the query in the search box. Quality Score is a dynamic variable and changes frequently as per the performance of the keyword, Google Adwords measures the Quality Score for each keyword in the campaign individually and through how relevant is the keyword with the text ad and the users query in the search box every time. Quality Score in a campaign gets updated every time when the keyword has a potential to display the ads. Quality Score ensures that the only the most relevant advertisements will display to the user in Google Search and Google Network.

The Good Quality Score performs very well for increased CTR, the cost you going to bear per click in actual, lower the first page bid and rank the ad on the high position. Click through rate history is the major factor influence the Quality Score. While managing the Google Adwords Campaign it is vital to maintain the Quality Score to a maximum value to reduce the campaign cost and avoid unnecessary burden on the advertising budget.

To maintain a Quality Score for a specific keyword or all keywords in the ad group of a campaign, it is important to design very relevant text ads to the keyword or keywords and the user search query. If the relevancy is poor then the bid amount to display the ad on the first page will be high and the rank of your ad on the page is low, in turn you pay more.

Quality Score ensures that search users will have good search experiences on Google to find the desired products or topics, in turn Quality Score ensures to maximize the users experience, this affects the user behavior to revisit the Google and your site and increase the loyalty.

In the beginning to build the Good Quality Score Keyword or set of keywords, you need to explore the relevancy of keywords to the text ads and then relevancy of text ads with the user search query and at the end optimize the landing page. This is long term investment to acquire and maintain Good Quality Score keyword or set of keywords to maximize the exposure of your brand and business.

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