Google Caffeine: The SEO Keyword Just Got More Important

The Internet is chattering about the test release of the newest version of the Google search. This new version has been named Caffeine and for all the right reasons. According to a Mashable test, the results can appear as much as 50% faster than with the old Google search. While Google Caffeine may take half the time to return results, it is the specific results that could be very important to SEO professionals.

Why is Google so Powerful?

Google currently controls more than 70% of the searches on the Internet. This means that 70% of Internet users will search for the information they want using Google as opposed to Yahoo, Bing or the fading AOL. These users are typing in what the SEO world considers long tailed keyword phrases and according to Google, Caffeine will give them more relevant results even if they do not notice the difference. In terms of SEO, there is a very real difference.

When testing the new Google Caffeine against the old version of Google, the results for popular keywords were much more tailored to that keyword. Whereas before, Google results could contain websites that were fakes or duplicates of other high ranking websites stuffed with keywords, the new results seem to weed out the short cuts and focus more on the websites that truly utilize the power of keywords and keyword phrases.

While the algorithm is clearly different and one that SEO professionals will need to figure out when working with their clients, the power of the keyword has never been more pronounced. Quality backlinks and deep links are going to remain highly important. The smaller website is also getting a bit of a boost from the new Google Caffeine.

These smaller websites are often the ones that utilize backlinks and deep linking practices to boost their search engine rank placement (SERP). It seems that Google is finally noticing the hard work and dedication of these smaller websites by giving them a higher ranking on the results pages.

What Does This Mean For SEO?

The most popular websites in the world will generally not see a difference in their page rank. These websites have years of SEO work and backlinking on their side. The smaller website, however, will need to take a harder look at their keyword focus and their Internet marketing. Utilizing a backlink building software or professional backlink building company could be of great use when the new Google Caffeine goes live for the world.

There is also some speculation that websites with a larger inventory of pages and deeper links will fare better with the new Google search engine. This is a welcome change for websites who have been trying to gain page rank and position on the SERP to no avail. In order to take advantage of the new algorithm, the keyword SEO tactics of old simply need to be revisited. Working hard on SEO is still important with a few tweaks on the horizon it seems.

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