Here Are 3 Steps to Becoming an Internet Affiliate

There are 3 steps to this blueprint:

1. Setting up
2. Researching
3. Making Money

1. Setting up:

You can set up a Joe Buck’s account for free and that’s where you can get lists of products from successful businesses, so you can advertise them and make a commission off every single thing you sell.

Just go to Joebuck’s website and sign up as an affiliate. You can get a commission if you advertise their actual site, or you can get a “Hot List” of tons of products on there website to chose from.

A couple other affiliate sites that you need to have is “millnic media” or “ClickBank”. Millnic media is just like click bank, where their sites’ have a marketplace filled with products to advertise and they are also an internet BANK so every commissioned dollar of every sale will go in your account, that’s your money.

Those are the main sites you need to have to actually earn you a commission, and hold your money in an account for you to use. After you have those set up, you need a place to advertise them.

You can use your Ezine articles account to promote items. You can also promote on Yahoo answers. Isnare is another free article site. Those are just a few of the FREE ways to advertise products and services you can use as an affiliate marketer. The fastest and best way to promote and get things sold is by far Google AdWords. Google is the best, but can be expensive. If you know how to use it right, then you can make a fortune. You can’t just set up an account and post an ad and expect people to click and buy.

People might click, but not buy, which will cost you a lot of money or not even click from bad ads. I can show you how.

Yahoo answers is another free site. You answer questions and then post a link to what ever product you want to sell, and you can’t just post a link and not answer the question. That will get you kicked off Yahoo Answers. There is a great way to be successful.

Lastly, you want to set up a domain for each product you want to sell. I use Go Daddy, but any domain site will work fine. You will get a specialized link just for you from ClickBank, milnic, and joebucks so when anyone clicks on that link and buys that product you will get that commission and put money in your account. Those links are like 15 letters long and look very complicated for example ( and that doesn’t look pretty. you want to make a domain to link to this that looks nice. Make it relevant to what your selling like (, and definitely make your domain a (.COM) and capitalize the first letter in each word.

Step 2 Researching:

After all those accounts are set up you can start researching. You want to look at the list of products on ClickBank, millnic, or joebucks that you would want to advertise. Look and see how much commission you get for each sale which can be organized from most to least on the marketplace to make it easier. And what is the most popular product that will sell well and make you money.

Research the main aspects on Google about the product you want to market so you can advertise affectively.

Go on Google an see what other ads are out there for your same product so you can make it different and set your ad apart from the rest.

Step 3 Making Money:

When you advertise on yahoo answers, you need to make 10 none sales posts and 1 sales post. That will grow your rating which people like to see and it will not get you kicked off the site. Answer a question and then in the reference box post your link. If that becomes best answer that will be their for ever and any one in the future that searches for that answer will see your link.

Keep growing your Google AdWords budget.

Watch the money roll in.

If this information was helpful, there is tons more detailed information in easy to follow step-by-step video tutorials that explain anything about working on the internet at this website. If you want to know exactly how to use Google Adwords or how to become a master at affiliate marketing, you should check this out

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