How Article Marketing Works is Important Knowledge for Writers

Article marketing is the fast-track method for building an audience for your work. Fast track is a relative term, however. Article marketing does involve consistent effort. In the end, it’s faster than other methods for building your readership.

It helps to understand exactly how article marketing works. In this way, you, the writer, take full advantage of all the benefits of this tool. It also helps to understand which service offers the most benefits.

Let’s face it; writing articles involves an investment of time and energy. There’s blood, sweat and even tears in some of those articles you write. You want a return on that investment in terms of visitors back to your website. A good article distribution service will ensure your investment pays off.

Article marketing works by gaining you better search engine placement. You also gain relevant one-way links. Via a series of article campaigns an enormous amount of qualified traffic heads to your site. As an article writer, you want those of your niche heading your way.

Your articles pre-sell them on whatever business you’re promoting. This traffic, from your target market, converts quicker. Any traffic is welcome, of course, but this pre-sold traffic is vital to helping your business thrive. The higher the conversion rate of visitors to your site, the more efficient your article marketing is.

Your mission as a writer is to provide website owners with quality content. In this way, they attract more visitors to their sites. This means increased advertising revenue and more for them. They crave top-notch, informative articles from good writers. Sub-par writing, often prevalent on the web, is what they look to avoid.

That’s the benefit to publishers. It’s a two-way street, though. Writers need to see how an article distribution service can help them. Let’s take a quick look at how article marketing works; the benefits it provides you:

The Beginning Steps

Upon completing a series of articles, on topics of your choosing, you engage in article submission. It’s wise to select an article service that allows unlimited article submissions for a one-time fee. You choose the categories and sub-categories for your articles.

A good service will allow you plentiful choice in this area. You find those specialty publications that cater to the topics you write about regularly.

Once you submit your articles, the better article marketing services provide human editing. They don’t rely on a computer program to give your articles a scan before sending them on their merry way. A critical eye from experienced editors is what you get from a quality service.

These editors look for content, tone, spelling, grammar and formatting errors. In essence, they ensure you know what publishers want. This helps you write to that model the next time.

The next step involves the article distribution service submitting your work to thousands of publishers. These reputable and popular publishers have significant readerships. These publishers want your articles for ezines, newsletters and for website content. Choose an article marketing service that performs continuous distribution of your articles. Let your articles work for you even when you’re not working.

The Middle-Game

The middle-game of article marketing involves your articles “going live.” These premier publications place your articles in the aforementioned places. Now a worldwide audience has access to your articles. They see your name or business name associated with this content. They also see those links in the author’s resource box. They now have a path to your website. Once at your home base, you connect on a more significant level with them.

The more articles you write the more links you have on the Internet. The middle-game of article marketing involves garnering a higher page rank with a search engine. Tons of links contribute to better page ranking. They also contribute to higher search engine results page listings.

The End

The end is really the beginning for you as an article writer. It’s the beginning of a new level of your online career. You gain exposure for your writing, and the business you’re promoting. You gain valuable highly targeted traffic to your website.

You gain credibility as an author and a businessperson through your useful content. Readers who trust your informative articles listen now to product recommendations you provide on your website. Never underestimate the power of raising your credibility factor.

That’s the beginning, middle and end of the article marketing process. As a writer, you start with ideas. You transform those ideas into useful articles. You choose a good article distribution service to get them exposure. You end the process with renewed energy to begin again with another article campaign. You see those great results, and want more of the same.

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