How Does Pagerank Work?

Developed by Google Pagerank is a numeric value used for describing the importance of your page on the web. Google refers to this as a method of evaluating the quality, importance and usefulness of your website. The pagerank of a webpage holds a different meaning for different individuals, but it is a major sign of accomplishment for the webmaster.
How to determine the pagerank?

If you are able to increase pagerank faster than your competitors, this would simply mean that there is more traffic for your website and less for your competitor. Visitors to your website would not be bothered about the increase, however, your content will be considered to be credible especially by those visitors who understand the true meaning of increased pagerank.

The best way to determine pagerank is through backlinks. Backlink is a term used to indicate a situation when some other page gets linked to your page. You get voted for each page that gets linked to your website, because of this fact it is always better to have a couple of links to your site from high pagerank websites compared to having hundreds of links from low pagerank websites.

Google makes use of quite a few of the irrelevant factors which are used for determining the pagerank. It would be quite beneficial to consider all of these factors as they would help to increase pagerank, but surely quality back links are considered to a more effective option.
How to Improve pagerank?

There are different methods that can be used to increase and improve pagerank, the performance of these methods depends of the subject and popularity of your website. The methods listed below do not fit all website styles, so choose the method that best suits your needs.
Submit to the Web Directories: By far the best method of increasing pagerank is submitting to directories. For this to be effective you will need to submit to a large number of directories and not just one.
Link Exchanges: Link exchange is the most common method and easiest, it simply means exchanging links with a website of equal or better pagerank than your website. It is also important to make sure these websites are relevant to the subject of your own website.

Forum Signatures: It is good to be a member of several forums and answer questions often and be of help to other webmasters. It is always beneficial to include a link of your website if you are an active member of any message board or forum. If this forum has high PR, it would help in increasing your pagerank.

Buy Advertising: It is one of the most expensive methods that is being used by quite a few of the webmasters, which involves buying of the text link ads on websites with especially high PR. There are also sites that offer free advertising, if you have a limited budget this would be a good idea for you.

Publish web articles: Put your articles on article marketing sites, some of these are free, or allow other website owners to put your articles on their sites as long as they include a backlink to your site.

Stay on Googles good side: Always remember to follow all the rules judiciously and not to cheat. As this will enable you to be in Googles good books and as a result increase pagerank.

Make a quality website: If you have made a quality website, the visitors will surely enjoy visiting it and as a result, you will receive many back links without putting in any efforts. Hence, all of the above methods if implemented sincerely and judiciously can really contribute in increa

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