How To Choose SEO Keywords?

Search engine optimization is a way to improve your websites online presence. As search engines are virtual robots that work on instructions provided by online users and they are the only way how you can let the users know about your website or business. Therefore it is very important to let the search engines know about your website first.

Unlike human being, search engines recognize the type of website with help of keywords. Keywords are phrases or single words that tell about your website. To let the search engines know, keywords are to be placed at different location where the search engines look for such as title, header tags, Meta tags, anchor text etc. one must remember that placing keywords that are unrelated or highly competitive will not give any results. Hence, one must be very careful in choosing keywords for your website.

Follow these steps to achieve better results by choosing SEO keywords.

Start writing keywords that are related to website niche and one that you think people will search for the services that you provide with your website. Get opinion with others like family members, colleagues and customers before arriving at final list. Ask them what keywords they would use or will use to find that website or in that niche.

To get broad list of keywords, get a keyword tool as that can give you more suggestion that may not be possible you being a human being. Keyword tool comes out with huge list of keywords because it search whole web for keywords that same niche websites are using. It will also tell you the popularity of the keywords and the likely traffic that they can bring in to your website.

Look at your competitor’s website for keywords they are using. You can find out this in the source code or keyword tag.

The other method you can find out keyword competitiveness is by entering keyword in to search engines and look for number of hits that search engine returns for that particular keyword. It will probably give a large number usually in millions, so to refine further by using “all in title” and “all in anchor” methods.

Google trends is another best way to find out how many searches have been made for that particular term. This way one can analyze the searchablity of the keyword and compare with different keywords in the list. Repeat this process for all the keywords and calculate which terms are searched more number of times over a period of time.

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