How To Dominate Your Marketplace With Organic and PPC Results

Here is a problem most online retailers wish they had. What if your website ranked really high in organic search engine page rankings? For example, you showed up on the first page of most searches for your primary keywords, maybe even among the first three some of the time. What would that feel like? Most online retailers do not actually know but they certainly would like the opportunity to find out what that is like.

For most, this scenario conjures up a double whammy of profit. First, think of all the traffic that would come to your site and the likely sales that would bring! Second, think of the money you will save by not having to buy pay per click ads? But wait. Would you stop buying ads if you had such high organic ratings?

Our advice is that even if you are ranked number one in organic search engine page rankings, you still need to buy those pay per click ads based on the keywords that bring you those high organic rankings. Why?

The rankings may not last forever

If you have been working online for any period of time, you know that everything changes and does so rapidly. It is hard for marketing strategies to keep up with the changes in search algorithms, shifting market shares of the various search engines and new market entrants. Consequently, while you should congratulate yourself on the marketing savvy that got you such high rankings, you do not want to depend on those rankings to keep customers flowing to your business.

Dominate the marketplace

Your business will demonstrate itself as a market leader if you have both high organic ratings plus pay per click ads on the same page. That level of commitment makes a statement to potential customers.

If they are looking for a particular item and your name is all over the page, there will be a sense that they simply have to check out that site in order to have completely looked at the marketplace for the item and that is just what you want. If your website presentation is as good as your marketing, you should be able to convert a lot of those folks who came to your site because you seemed to have a commanding presence in the marketplace.

Keep your competitors out

In a corollary to dominating the marketplace, you also need to keep your competitors out of the marketplace where you can. Why give your competitors the opportunity to present themselves with a catchy pay per click ad right next to your organic listing? Or, adding total insult to injury, why let competitors advertise when a potential customer has searched on the name of your site? Be sure that you are presenting an aggressive presence in your target market. Your traffic and conversions should make it worthwhile.

Pay per click is low risk

The beauty of pay per click is that you only pay if someone clicks through to your site and that is what you want to have happen so it is worthwhile to pay when it does happen. Then it is your job to convert the traffic to sales.

There is enormous value in taking over organic search listings with pay per click ads. And what if you do not have top organic search engine listings? Read this advice in reverse. Reduce the competitive advantage of those who do hold the top slots by getting your ads placed on the same page, reducing their overall impact and dominance.

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