How To Get More Readers On Your Blog

I write a couple of blogs, including one that shows people how to make money online. I do it for a couple of reasons but there are really only two main ones: because I enjoy writing and because I run an online business and where the internet is concerned ‘content is king’. Except for being a cool pastime or making money, what’s the point of having a blog? The answer’s to draw readers.

Whether or not you are selling advertising, a product, or simply trying to promote your own views or opinions about something, you will probably want a large and wide readership. So if that is the case, then it’s vital to learn how to draw readers to your blog and get them to subscribe to your feed or newsletter so that they will come back. There are a range of ways to extend the readership of your blog. Here are 4 tips which will help you to boost your blog readership that are simple to do and could pay off for your if you are trying to make money online.

First off, to build your subscriber base you should increase the quantity of your content. You may have heard it said that bloggers are only as good as their last post, but personally I don’t believe it. One bad piece doesn’t do a lot, but consistently bad work does.

To that end, try highlighting related posts in your blog. This could get people circulating around your site and finding something that they are impressed with. Most blog platforms are fitted with add-ons that may help you with this, but if they aren’t, then simply doing a little manual linking won’t take very much effort or time.

Another similar idea is to spotlight the related posts in the content of your post with anchor text links. If you’re talking about a subject you have debated before, anchor some related keywords into the past post. This can also help a past post to maintain its freshness and rankings in the search engines.

Another tip for augmenting your blog readership is to consider doing a series that encourages people to come back for progress. In addition, if you’re linking back, you can get readers taking a look at multiple posts even after you are done with the series (and building internal backlinks for SEO). Use caution when doing a series, because if you aren’t going to follow through you could frustrate your subscribers. If you’re curious to whether or not a series is working for your blog, then check comments to see whether the same people are contributing. If they are then your series is doing well.

An alternative way to extend readership to customize your home page with excerpts from certain posts. I’ve heard it said that this is just a technique to get more hits on your website, but I don’t agree. The reality is that additional hits are a little side benefit of something that coule make your website more engaging. By adding excerpts to the front page you can keep it fresh while also teasing people who might otherwise click away quickly. This can inspire a potential reader to look into your blog site a bit more than they otherwise would.

Again, you would like to be judged by all of your past work, or at least by a bigger piece of your work than your most recent post (or as many posts as you have set to appear on your home page). If your content is good then you may see a rise in your readership and this should be reflected in your RSS feed subscription information.

Ultimately, if you actually need to build and increase readership, you’ve got to have top quality content. It should be helpful, original, and engaging to your target market as well as ongoing and regularly updated. The more that you raise the standard of your blog’s content, the more you’ll see your membership, readership, and page hits go up without even having to do any marketing. People know what they like and they like quality for the main part. Giving the readers what they are after is maybe the simplest way possible to enhance your blog.

Having a blog can not only be fun, but if you’re doing it right it could also be worthwhile financially. Either way you need to maintain and increase your following and the value of your brand. There are as many tips out there to extend blog readership as there are blogs, but to actually get things going follow these few tips and you’ll see you’ll definitely get more readers on your blog.

James Spacey is a blogger and affiliate marketer from Australia. For more free quality information about how to make money online visit James at today.

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