How to Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

How to make money online by affiliate marketing has to be the most-asked question in the whole arena of internet marketing. You are going to have a lot of choices and the choices you make will determine whether you will make money fast or not.

The affiliate marketing model for making money online works for anyone who follows the instructions. Yes there are instructions, certain steps to take, things to do. But it is easy to learn and easy to do.

And an additional bonus is built right in! It doesn’t take much money to get going in this. Zero to very little.

Here’s some basics. An affiliate marketer promotes products that pay a commission when they sell. But sales is not the only way to get a commission!

There are two commission generating models.

1. You cause a product to sell, and get the commission.

2. You cause a prospect to become a “lead” and get the commission for that.

In either case, after the generation of the commission, there is no more work for you as the affiliate. You should just concentrate on generating traffic.

In the first model you send a prospect to a sales page to pay for the product and the company you are affiliated with takes over and delivers. It’s intriguing to consider that you will never have to talk to a customer or provide any customer service.

In the second model you only have to get your prospects to provide an email or an application or place a “trial order” which the company follows up on. In the business this is called CPA, which stands for cost per action.

Many people swear by CPA as the fastest way to affiliate commissions because people have less resistance to an offer they don’t have to pay for or, in some cases, a small S&H fee for a product they get a free trial on and get to keep.

In either case, standard affiliate marketing or CPA, you are going to benefit from some exact instruction on how to do either one.

And you’ll benefit from the dictum about affiliate marketing that bears repeating. And that is that there are only two things that make up affiliate marketing and that is the product and the prospect.

Could something that simple actually work? You bet!

All you have to do do is two things.

You have to find a good offer and then find customers to buy it.

As an example lets say that your product is a “How to Make Money Online” digital download product.

You want to go find people who are looking to do that very thing. And this is where the incredible “sorting feature” the internet provides us.

Simply by targeting certain keywords in an article, for example, you can be sure that Google will serve up your article to the very people who typed in your keywords. That’s what I meant when I said “sorting the traffic.”

I have benefitted greatly from the online marketing schools I attended last year and now there are even better ones to go with.

Maverick Money Makers is a real gem and will teach you well. The monthly fee will be made up for by the affiliate commissions you could start receiving in your first month. Go to Riley’s Famous Blog for more information and quality instruction on affiliate marketing.

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