How To Start Building Your Own Website

Building websites has become a common way for people to try to make money online. It is also popular for people who simply enjoy sharing content about their lives or hobbies. With the growth of blogs in particular creating your own website has become easier than ever. With a few simple pointers you could be creating a website of your own in no time.

There can be some costs involved in starting a site depending on the platform that you choose. In particular you will have to factor in your internet access, some hosting, a domain name and perhaps some other costs depending on your purpose. These initial costs, however won’t amount to more than $20 per month. So it’s highly affordable.

Getting free sites is also easy, particularly on free blogging plaforms like Blogger or WordPress. But no matter what way you choose to go you will have to spend time and perhaps money on creating content and customizing the format of your site. This is the most difficult part of the process.

For websites that have a commercial purpose in particular a good domain name is an essential part of creating your site. You might have a brand that you want to promote, or have a niche market that you are targeting. So, choosing your domain carefully will help you achieve your purpose. Short, catchy domains are generally best and using a .com extension will often give you more credibility and appeal than some of the other option.

These are of course basic guidelines and you may decide to do something different. Choosing a domain name may also be a considerable decision if you are selling a product or service. You want to make sure that your domain reflects the type of product you are promoting and the niche market that it relates to. This will help consumers trust your site and recognise quickly that it is related to their needs. For a personal site it can also be appropriate to use your name as the domain.

The next important step is getting appropriate hosting for your domain name. Hosting simply refers to the process of leasing space on a server that is connected to the internet.

There are a lot of dedicated hosting companies and their services and offerings are often tailored to different user needs. You can generally choose the platform that your hosting account will be running (ie either Linux or Windows) and you can choose between different options as to bandwidth and the number of domains that you can host on the one account. There are even reseller accounts available.

It’s not always the best idea to simply go for the cheapest hosting you can find and paying a small premium can mean the difference between having your site available online and making sure that it loads quickly and consistently. When you buy hosting you may also find that you get some great deals on domain name registration from a combined host/registration company, so it pays to shop around and look beyond the basic price.

Once you have hosting and a domain name you are ready to start building your site. This can be something that you pay someone else to do, or if you like a challenge or are proficient at programming you might easily do it yourself. This is particularly simple with free website builders like blogs or by using a website template and a HTML editor. You can buy some of these software programs (Dreamweaver and Frontpage are popular editors) or you can download free basic HTML editors online.

Of course there are lots of different blogging templates to choose from, some free and some at relatively low prices. Again, it all depends on what your site is for. Another important piece of software you must have to build a website is an FTP program. This is simply a program that enables you to quickly transfer files from your computer to the server where you are hosting your domain.

There are a lot of excellent free FTP programs available online that you can download, install and learn to use quickly from home. You can then create your content and edit your templates on your own computer and simply transfer then to your host server where the site will begin to be displayed online immediately. Now, just create your content.

With blogs, this is extremely easy because you simply have to log into your administration interface and begin typing. The post is then immediately created on your hosting account and displayed online. I highly recommend this process if you are going to be regularly adding new text to your site. Just make sure to keep your content fresh and relevant to your site’s intended users. This will also help to get your site noticed and listed by the search engines so that people can find you when they are searching for topics related to your site.

Learning to create a website is very easy and a lot of fun. There are many places you can go for more help and a lot of forums where you can ask complex questions about domains, hosting and coding websites for beginners and more advanced users.

There is also a lot of information online about how to attract visitors to your site from the realms of cyberspace. This can be difficult in some niches, but it is worth learning to do or spending money on advice if you are building an online business. Having a lot of people visit your site adds to the enjoyment of creating a website immensely and enables you to make money online. It’s a great journey. I hope you enjoy it.

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