How To Use Twitter To Build Your Network Marketing Business

Of all of the social networking sites, Twitter has most notably taken the web by storm in the last year. For this reason, getting in on the Twitter craze can be a highly effective method of building your MLM business. In two words, Twitter equals free leads. However, in order for Twitter to be an effective MLM and free lead building tool, it is essential that it is correctly and appropriately utilized for maximum benefit.

By following a few simple guidelines, it can be a very lucrative tool, both financially and in the number of free leads it produces. In fact, many highly successful MLM business entrepreneurs swear by Twitter and its unrivaled ability to generate word-of-mouth buzz, thereby generating free leads.

First of all, do not underestimate the power of reaching potential customers in masses. Even if a large percentage of them are never going to be buying what youre selling, reaching potential customers in bulk is the single most effective way to get your name out there, and in turn build up a comprehensive list of free leads.

I mean, even if you have never owned a pair of Nike shoes, you can probably identify a Nike logo. Just getting your brand out there is the first step in building recognition. Twitter has roughly 5 million current members, and adds five to ten thousand more to that total on a daily basis. That is a huge potential free lead and customer base. (Even if a small fraction of those users follow you, each of these followers is a free lead. And if even a small fraction of those followers become customers, the income potential simply by utilizing this free social networking site is astronomical.)

Secondly, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Follow the big fish. Let their free leads become your free leads. Chances are, when you follow someone, they will in turn follow you. And followers equal a free audience for your advertising. Dont get discouraged if everyone you follow doesnt start following you immediately. Followers are built over time, and every new one you get is one more free lead and potential customer. Also, dont get frustrated if you lose followers. It will happen. However, to keep the loss of followers to a minimum, check out what some of the most successful (and most followed) people on Twitter do to maintain their base of followers. Almost universally, they provide their followers with something that they can find nowhere else. Some use links to obscure (and entertaining) news stories. Others simply keep their followers hanging on by making each Tweet a to be continued. Keeping your followers hanging on your every word (or Tweet) is a great way to build loyalty. And if each of your followers refers just one of their friends, that doubles your number of free leads effortlessly.

Finally, you get 140 characters to Tweet. Use them wisely. Keep your Tweets informative, interesting and entertaining. Tweet often, but relevantly. Spam on Twitter is just as annoying as Spam showing up in your email inbox. The free leads you generate are invaluable, and you should recognize them as such. Keep your followers up to date, but do so in a relevant and non-repetitive manner. It is likely that you will lose followership if you come on too much like a salesman. Even though thats what MLM is all about, being smarmy and pushy never helped anyone. Talk to your followers like they are your best friends, and it is likely that is what they will become. The trust and camaraderie that you build on Twitter can very easily turn into trust for and a willingness to do business with your Network Marketing Business.

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