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The world wide web is full of really good ways for you to make money from home online, but it is also full of plenty people who are there to try and rip you off, so the big question is what are the legit real ways you can earn extra money online from the comfort of your own home. One of the fastest and cheapest and easiest ways to get started out working from home is to start a free blog, blogger is one of your options, blogger is free blogging platform that is hosted by google, another popular choice is wordpress however personally I have never had any experience with wordpress and am quite happy with blogger or blogspot as it is also called.

So you may be wondering to yourself how can I earn extra money online with a blog, well there are many different ways you can make money with a blog to advertise is one way and a popular choice of advertiser to use, especially when your starting out would be google adsense, it is free to join and google will place the ads on your blog for you matching them to the theme of your site sothey are relevant and of interest to your readers this option is available to you in blogger after you set up your blog and is very easy to implement.

Another way to make money with your blog once it gets a little moretraffic is to sell affiliate products through your blog a good company to start with would be clickbank.

Clickbank sell e-books and have a huge list through every different niche for you to choose from, a good way to make these affiliate sales is that you could write reviews on your blog about products your readers will be interested in and then link to these products with affiliate links.

If your just starting out on your journey to earn extra money online, I would probably just stick with adsense to start with and to begin with even this wont make massive amounts of money . The key to success however is good, key word rich, original content and plenty of it on whatever niche you choose to write about, my advise would be to choose a subject you are interested in or you will soon become bored and will give up before you make any progress, for example if you have a hobby or something you know a lot about write about that, remember when someone searches for something online they are generally looking for answers to something so you need to be that expert who can answer there questions and solve their problem.

Write a few decent posts on your blog and submit your blog to the major search engines the top three are Google, Yahoo, Bing these are the major ones we are interested in.

Once you have done this you have set the wheels in motion, keep adding content on a regular basis as search engines will reward you for this and you will begin to see more visitors and start earning more money.

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