Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and social media go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. It really is as if one is just not as good if the other one isn’t there. Who cares about spending zillions of dollars on television advertising or ads in the news media when you can go online and pretty much market your product and/or service for free? Look at microblogging services such as Twitter for example. These are sites in which people have the foresight to create profiles for their business, stick a link in the profile and wait for the money to just fall out of the sky. It doesn’t quite work that way.

One thing that marketers and regular Joe’s need to keep in mind is that marketing and social media on the Internet are different. It takes a little more leg work than you would think to get your product seen and then pursued by others. Let’s take Twitter to start with. Twitter is great for sending out short bursts of messages to hundreds upon thousands upon millions of people. Obviously, you want your message to have meaning so that people will be inclined to respond to it. The main thing here is

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