Overture Pay Per Click Ads – Expand and Maximize Your Business Visibility on the Internet

Google AdWords may be the most widely used pay per click (PPC) service today, but it certainly does not hold a monopoly. Overture is a great example of an alternative paid search-listing service that delivers results. It works just as well as AdWords. Among the main benefits of using Overture pay per click service is its ability to display its ads in multiple search engines. With Overture, businesses enjoy a wide market exposure on the Internet.

Important Background info: Overture was known then as GoTo.com. Early in 2000 the company struck a deal to display PPC ads with other major search engines (minus Google.) This made Overture (renamed in 2001) a big success in PPC advertising. By 2003 Yahoo! Inc. acquired Overture and eventually reframed it to Yahoo! Search Marketing. The Overture name is still widely used.

So why use Overture for your Internet advertising needs? First, Overture can get your PPC or sponsored search ads displayed on other search engine results pages. This includes MSN, Yahoo! Alltheweb, AltaVista and many other second tier search engines. Overture pay per click service (like Google AdWords) has a massive distribution system. This is because of the many partnerships it has forged over the years. Advertisers on Overture will not be limited to users of one search engine only.

Similar to Google AdWords, Overture also provides a wide range of tools for the success of its users’ PPC campaigns. Overture also has a click-trough-rate performance-monitoring tool. This provides valuable data and allows you to adjust your listings for maximum effectiveness. Advertisers can also select specific geographical areas where they want their ads to appear. Ads may even match misspelled keywords and synonyms. Combining the power of Google and Overture can possibly yield you a 90%+ Web reach.

The Overture pay per click ad service doesn’t have to be bigger than Google’s AdWords. It’s already covering a larger Internet territory. Just imagine the number of highly qualified traffic flowing in each and every search engine affiliated with Overture. With the right-targeted keywords and ads, you can attract a lot more targeted customers to your websites. The potential for higher sales conversions is enormous!

Overture pay per click services can cast a bigger net to capture more qualified web traffic for your business. Those serious in raising their visibility even higher should not ignore the big potential Overture offers. Buying Overture PPC ads is one of the best Internet marketing strategies to employ today.

Pay per click marketing is a great way to drive highly qualified web traffic to your business. Pay per click (PPC) ads has a much higher success rate in converting potential customers into sales. This is far better than spending on web ads and e-mail marketing that is eventually ignored. The money you spend on a good pay per click advertise will be worth every penny, literally. However, the total success of your PPC campaign still relies on a sound campaign strategy.

This article has been extensively researched and reviewed by the author, Jonny Penn. He hopes that his article will aid you in your search for what you are looking for and save you time and money. In the end when you start your pay per click ads you must be sure to do your research before you get started.

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