Powerful Opt In Marketing Techniques That Set You Apart for Insane Responsiveness

You can do some incredible things with your marketing efforts, and you can win a loyal and yes, may I even say ravenous fan based that’s eager to buy from you! How is this possible with all the white noise out there and all the emails which flood into their inbox every day? Do you want INSANE responsiveness in your opt in marketing? What’s the first thing that they see when they are scanning their inbox during the day? They see your name. You need to make your name equal value, personal service, and be an entertaining and informative service that communicates with them.

Are they interested in you, do they see your name and want to read that mail? No? Maybe you haven’t really been interested in them first. Think about it. Did you know that you can rise to the top in any market rapidly and hold that position for years to come, even if you have no product and are competing with veteran millionaires there? Make yourself different. Make yourself memorable. Love on your customers and contacts (that will soon become customers) through personal attention and unrelenting value. And throw some personality and entertainment in there to really put it over the line. Make sure to over-deliver and continue to do so.

That might be something as small as a personal note. Whenever you’re trying something new out, ask for input, ask for reactions, and keep asking. A great way to do that is to tie your mails into a WordPress Blog on the backend, and solicit comments. Add viral features into your blog, like plugins which allow the ability to Tell Their Friends with address book autosearch, and the ability to repost your content virally to their social networking accounts like Facebook.

Always ask for their top concerns, and continue to do so. Reward them when they answer you and provide input, with a free bonus. Train them and encourage them to give input and keep the relationship two ways. You’re responisiveness will go way up, as most email lists out there are dead in the water because it’s a broadcast mentality.

Always be thinking about what their problems are and how you can make them go away. They will love you forever as a result! To heat things up a notch further, have personal and charismatic video communications to supplement your text communications. Remember your customers live in the same media rich world that you do, and people judge and gravitate toward engaging content.

Get a decent video camera, soft box lighting, and even consider doing live free trainings from time to time over video to really through things into an insane level of response! Integrate small stories into your content, and success stories where applicable. You want a totally interactive experience that is engaging people on all levels and is providing value yet personalized service and attention up front. Giving while wanting nothing. Remember, your audience are people and people understand when they’re being spoken to by autoresponders versus when they are being engaged. Find little personal ways to make yourself stand out, and you will be a real person who has built some amazing trust with people and they will be so grateful. It all starts with what’s in your heart. Is your first objective to solve their problems and make them feel that they can succeed? If so you will be wildly successful!

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