Revealed The Secrets Of Increasing Site Conversion

So what does site conversion have to do with anything, why should anybody think about this esoteric topic? The answer is very simple because this is the metric that tells you how much money you are going to rake in; site conversion is a technical term to define the number of people who go from being visitors of site to purchasing a product from it or going through some other predefined procedure for the establishments which will ultimately result in some form of profit for the website owners. And, who does not want to make more money, so this is truly a very important metric and if you are webmaster, you need to start paying attention to it today.

Increasing your site conversion rate is probably one of the most straight forward ways to increase the profit that you make from your online venture. It would be impossible to stress the importance of site conversion rate further. Any increase in the site conversion rate will directly impact the total amount of revenue that you make from your online business.

Remember that when you are told that traffic is important to your online business and hence you should invest in schemes that will help you generate more traffic; the final aim of getting traffic s to convert the visitors into buying customers. So before, you start spending a small fortune to build the traffic that visit your site, you need to understand whether traffic from the various sources will have any bearing on your site conversion rate. The principle is quite simple, if you keep the course ahead of you when planning your move, you will be able to generate an efficient and lucrative response and a measurable conversion rate which will help you to pinpoint the source of buying traffic so that you can extrapolate the increase in conversion rate with set increase in traffic.

Here are some tips that will help along the way: It is essential to find a way to measure the current performance of your website in terms of its conversion ate before you incorporate any means to improve it. Once again, you need to understand that before you fix something, you need to know what is broken. Google Analytics is one such tool which will give you all the metrics that you need to understand the pure and simple figures of how your online business is doing. This is a free tool but t is very effective.

A good landing page: Your landing page or the home age of your website will often be the first impression creator, most visitors will take one look at the home page or the landing page and decide if they want to continue exploring the site or get out of there so make this page interesting; use relevant keywords wherever possible without turning your content into keyword filled gibberish. It is recommended that you separate any pay per click keywords into tight groups and then create a landing page for each of the keyword subgroups A tip to remember is that in order to increase conversion rate, you will have to integrate keyword usage with all other advertising approaches and the look of the landing page to create a thematically related website.

Get experimental with your headlines: This is one of the easiest and probably the quickest way of showing improvements in the content of your site. If you feel tat your writing skills are not up to par; get in touch with professional who can help you out; content is the king online and there are no two ways about it. The importance of copywriting when it comes to the conversion rate is significant and hence this is not the place where you should try to pinch pennies.

Analyze the pricing on your site: This again is hard core mathematics if you want the conversion rate to make a significant impact on your earnings from the website; you need to take a close look at the sources you are offering and how it impacts the number of people who buy from you. If you raise the price per product by 59% and this brings down your conversion rate by 10%; you will compensate for the business lost with the increase in price per product unit. On the other hand, if you reduce your price by 15% and this doubles or triples your conversion rate; once again, this is a savvy business decisions. So, test your prices in all direction and with all combinations.

Seomul Evans is an Online Marketing Services consultant specializing in Marketing Dental professionals and Medical Business Consulting.

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