Rich Affiliate Poor Affiliate

It seems like yesterday but years have since gone by. Back in year 2003, people could just set up an ad on Google Adwords and start profiting promoting other peoples products.

All people needed to do were to put in some money, send traffic straight to the sales page and get profits immediately in return! But the industry had long grown. If you were to do that now, youd be throwing too much money away.

You see, there can be many competitors within a niche.

When they are using Google Adwords to drive traffic to their sites AND getting this traffic to subscribe into their list or newsletter, they can afford to bid higher than you for the same traffic. Well, because logic says they have higher chances to make more profits in the long term than you!

If you really want to make fortunes as an affiliate, if you really desire to create tons of wealth promoting other peoples products, then its time to exceed what everyone else is doing. You need to have your own profitable strategy to affiliate marketing.

But how, Dan?

See the key here lies in doing something you can either DOMINATE in or DUPLICATE over and over again.

On dominating this means you either:

1.) Employ the most effective traffic strategy for you to send targeted prospects to your products sales copy at the most affordable budget possible

2.) Discover ways to make more money from the same prospect and by increasing life-time customer value better than your competitors

3.) Build a personality or create strong relationships with your target market and endorse products through your brand and etc.

On the other hand, duplicating means you either:

1.) Uncover untapped niche markets you can still compete reasonably in, make a portion of the market share profits and head on to the next niche with the same strategy or system

2.) Hire freelancers to create affiliate recommendation websites for you in different niche markets, and make the most out of each industry

3.) Observe what your competing affiliates are doing and model the successful ones if possible, do it better than them and grab your share of the market in as soon as possible and etc.

Now you accomplish either of these proven strategies people are using right now. You can use what countless affiliates on the Internet are implementing to make a comfortable living today.

But then question comes back to this:

How can you do it better than them either ways?

Perhaps a hint will help you. Mix them to your taste.

You see, for centuries industries were dominated by those who understand a secret to amass great wealth. This secret, once employed have created histories of recorded events and incidents we have all remembered until today.

In some ways, people would refer to it as working together. People have called it teamwork, cooperation, collaboration joint efforts. But if you would just look at it from the eyes of an entrepreneur, a business owner, youd unearth the beauty behind all these creations.

If you were to look at this from the point of view as the leader, the originator, the one who planned everything all youre doing is two things:


When people come to work together, the approximate amount of productivity isnt only subjected to the number of people. What I mean is, sure with 2 people working in 1 team, you could assume that productivity is doubled.

But what happens when these 2 people really put in full effort is you dont get just the average amount of outputs. Because of the compound effects of creative ideas, brainstorming and positive actions taken they could achieve 2×2 of what the original one person team could accomplish.

When 3 people put together committed efforts, they could achieve 3×3 of what the original one persons effort could generate!

You get the idea.

The point Im making is you can do it all by yourself. Find profitable affiliate products to promote, create the entire website, write copy to endorse the products, design the graphics, craft all the autoresponder e-mails and so on all by yourself.

But of course, your efforts will hardly match up with another affiliate marketer whos smart enough to outsource all of the tasks hes not interested to accomplish invest a little money upfront to get much more done in a short time achieve results much faster since projects are completed faster & etc!

In the end, because of the compound principle action nothing seems impossible for the affiliate marketers outsourcing to test or implement to have fun duplicating & dominating their affiliate marketing efforts make or increase profits at a much faster rate, and prevent competitors from standing a chance since theyd already be far head of most people in the industry.

The poor would stand a chance to stand up against the rich, and the rich would be able to prevent the poor from standing a chance. It depends which side would be able to use it better.

A former college dropout, Dan The Man Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to an internet multi-millionaire. Dan just created a 4-part video explaining exactly how he makes millions online, watch them here >>

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