Search Engine Success Starts with Article Marketing

New entrepreneurs quickly find that it is imperative to achieve high page rank or PR. Many people are under the mistaken belief that online business equals overnight success and profits. Unfortunately that is not the case and most online businesses fail due to lack of understanding and knowledge.

Search engine success involves a great deal of work and determination. Achieving high PR isn’t an easy task. Every online entrepreneur knows they need high PR and strive to be noticed more than their competitors.

Article Marketing to Raise PR

Articles are obviously the best choice to share information about your products and services. Well written articles make proper use of keywords and are very helpful and informative. Consumers need information, not sales pitches, when they’re planning a purchase.

Article marketing made it easy to share information about products and services. Links from the author resource box made it easy for entrepreneurs to create relevant backlinks to their website. Links are categorized in two ways, relevant and irrelevant.

Relevant backlinks are extremely important to search engine success. The more relevant links to a website, the better it is ranked by search engines. Irrelevant links are not ranked as highly as relevant links.

Relevancy of links is based on the content of the website versus the content of the linking page. Articles that are written based on the content on a website create relevant links. Any article written to promote a specific product that links to the page with that product creates a relevant link.

Many entrepreneurs jumped on the article marketing bandwagon. The end result was a bunch of sales pitches and spam-like articles strewn across the internet. Most didn’t seem to realize that their articles didn’t make sense and the grammar was horrible.

Search engines have to continually modify their algorithms to stay on top of things. Consumers use search engines on a daily basis to find information about products they plan to purchase. The primary goal of the search engine is to provide relevant information each and every time.

Author Resource Box

Backlinks are one of the most important parts of an article marketing campaign. Strategically place at least one link to your website within the author resource box. Use the link to create a link back to your website’s home page or even directly to the product or service you’re promoting.

Most distributors won’t allow the author to use links in the body of the article. The only link that’s allowed is from the author resource box or author biography. The only sales pitch displayed on your entire article should be in the author resource box.

Article Distribution

Distribution is a key factor in article marketing. The best article in the world won’t attract attention if it isn’t published. Distribution is the process of having an article published to several websites, ezines and blogs.

Distribute each article to as many publishers as possible. Thousands of publishers and ezines are waiting every day to receive quality content from entrepreneurs. Provide original, unique content three times per week and watch your PR skyrocket.

Submitting your articles to thousands of publishers takes a lot of time. If that isn’t an option, check out distribution services. Most distribution services charge a relatively small amount for the services they provide.

Look for publishers that allow syndication. Paid distribution services are often very inexpensive and offer an amazing return on investment. Some publishers allow other website owners to syndicate, or use each article as content on their own website. Proper syndication is not considered plagiarism and does not cause duplicate content penalties.

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