Small Business Internet Marketing

Small businesses are using newer and newer methods for their Internet marketing campaigns. Gone are the days in which small business operators would just rely on blogging, article marketing and link submissions to bring in the traffic. This is the age of Web 2.0. Such static methods rarely bring results, though you cannot completely ignore them either. However, newer methods are certainly ruling the roost. Methods such as submitting to feeds, social bookmarking, social networking and such have become highly prominent.

Social bookmarking is one of the commonest methods that are being used in todays times. With social bookmarking, people can save webpages and manage them in various ways so that they can get at the page whenever they want. They can even share these webpages with other contacts that they might have. This is quite understandably a growing area in small business Internet marketing. It helps because the people who bookmark a page are evidently those who have some kind of interest in the product or service that it is linked with. Thus, these people become targeted traffic.

The concept of social bookmarking was first introduced by Delicious, though there are several other social bookmarking services available today, most notably Digg. These are definitely methods of search engine optimization too, because as more and more people bookmark a particular page, its search engine rank improves and the search engines look upon it more favorably.

The other popular method is submitting RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Website owners are encouraged to submit RSS feeds. Any new update on their website, such as new webpages, need to be submitted. The feed will then display this update. People who have subscribed to the feeds, i.e. the visitors, will come to know of these updates through their email. This will bring them back to the website. People who use the Internet can get to know a lot of new and updated information through RSS feeds. They can know about entertainment options, weather information, reviews of products, discount and rebate offers and so on, in real time.

Many website owners are also using syndication in a specialized format known as content syndication. This is enabling them to get fresh and new content for their websites all the time. They dont need to manually get the content and upload it. They can even share content with other websites that have a similar theme.

The social networking has been in use for a while now. Here business owners become members of social networking sites and then popularize their business through that medium. They can even build communities of people who are interested in their business product and then promote their businesses within that particular circle. Most social networking websites enable their members to send personal messages to each other, which makes it possible for them to invite other people. Tags can be added onto their profiles, which make them searchable by business owners.

Today, trends of small business Internet marketing are definitely changing. Instead of using methods that remain stagnant, people are using methods that are dynamically changing all the time. The search engines love these dynamic methods too, because it is their constant endeavor to give people information thats constantly updated.

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