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Its no surprise that articles directories have become such a hot topic on the web and among webmaster chat rooms. When you take advantage of all the benefits that an articles directory can offer, you are not just being a clever webmaster, but a cost-conscious one as well. Whereas you have to pay for clicks you generate through some online marketing methods, one of the major benefits of an articles directory is that the best ones are free.

First, lets talk for a moment about how articles directories work. On these sites, there are thousands and thousands of articles available on a seemingly unlimited array of topics. Visitors search through the articles directory for the topics that they are looking for and then click to read the article. The savvy webmaster has created articles to submit to articles directories that will draw in the reader. The headline will be catchy, and the content in the article will deliver on the promise of the headline. As the visitor reads the article, they will find links sprinkled throughout that encourage them to read more about the topic. When they click on one of those links, they will find that it is actually a backlink that takes them into your site. You have just created targeted traffic to your website, all with the free tool of article submission.

Sounds too easy, right? Well, while the concept is simple, its not easy. You cannot expect to created monster amounts of traffic from one article that you tossed together in a few moments. The results you will get depend completely on the effort you put in at the beginning. To get the best results out of articles directories, you need to spend the time to create original, quality content for the articles you will submit. Browse through the articles directories you want to submit to and see what your fellow webmasters are offering to the reader. Can you contribute content that will stand out?

The content of the articles you submit to directories needs to be relevant to what you offer on your site. Do not attempt to create a backlink from an article that has nothing to do with your websites content, as it will just result in misdirected traffic, some possible bad results in your search engine ranking, and a rather frustrated visitor as well! When you do create the backlinks in your articles, be sure to use anchor text. Have the link that you create use keywords that fit naturally in your article and that are on your site. This is a fantastic way to create quality backlinks that will help your website to rank higher in search engines, and helps visitors understand the content they will be getting when they click. Another benefit to articles directories is that you can get your name out there as a recognized expert in your field. If I am looking for information on a specific topic, then I find your article on the articles directory and it answers my question or it piques my interest, I will have faith that you are a source I can trust. That could mean a new relationship that you can build on in the future.

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