The Top 4 Biggest Myths About Search Engine Optimization

Some people collect basketball cards, my nieces and nephews collect pokemon cards, some people even collect stamps. When I was growing up I used to collect baseball cards, well as I grew older and things in my life started changing, I realize that my thirst for collecting things really hasn’t died down at all.

I still do a whole lot of collecting; only now, call me crazy, it seems I collect online money making kits. I have volumes upon volumes of them, some of them are very good and effective and others are extremely misleading. What I want to do for you today is explain to you some of the biggest myths that I have seen out there when it comes to search engine optimization.

I do not want you making some of the mistakes that many people are making out there as they blindly follow the words so called “internet gurus.” The truth is, as time goes on, things change. What used to work yesterday, may not work today. What you are taking advantage of now, may not be available tomorrow. So what am I talking about? What are these myths? Well let’s dive right in.

Myth #1:

The more search directories and search engines that you submit your website to, the more traffic you will generate, thus more sales will occur from your site.

The Real Deal:

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but when I need to find something, I go straight to Google. If I can’t find it on Google, then I go to Yahoo and the buck stops there. In fact it usually stops at Google. If in fact I don’t find it on Yahoo, I go to MSN. I know I said I don’t know if YOU are anything like me, but I do know that most of the country is, because according to qSearch market research, Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and ASK handle 98.5% of all of the searches for the entire market in the United States.

Now I am no rocket scientist, but it stands to reason that if the majority of the searches on the internet are done using 5 search engines, then if you learn the right strategies of promoting on those engines, and do it well, then you *should* have better results than submitting your site and mastering the use of those other search engines where nobody is at.

Myth #2:

A site PROMISES that they can GUARANTEE you that you will be at the top of the results page when people do keyword searches. SO BUY THEIR PRODUCT NOW!

The Real Deal:

Wouldn’t that be nice? I swear I bought that yesterday, and so did the rest of the internet marketers out there. Guess what the problem is now? We are all doing the same thing so pages aren’t being indexed correctly by the search engine and the most valuable pages are not at the top.

Now I know it sounds like this is a sarcastic response, but the truth is this; as e-commerce evolves every search engine continually modifies and enhances their algorithms for page rankings which makes it impossible for anyone other than the search engine to know what they are, thus making it impossible to back up that guarantee.

This key point is the reason that you as an internet marketer must learn to stay on top of the search engine trends so that you can continue to stay on the top of the lists, or you can catch it first and make your way up there. As I stated before, what you are taking advantage of now, may not be available tomorrow. It is possible however, to provide you with some strategies that have proven useful in the past which may help in your ranking today.

Myth #3:

Submit your page every single day or every single week over and over again so that they will re-index you at a higher rank.

The Real Deal:

Now this is downright malicious. I can only imagine the look on all of your faces when you get an e-mail from a search engine that you are doing this to that tells you that as a result your site has been banned from their indexing system (Commence jaw dropping). The only time that you should ever be re-submitting your site to the search engine is if it is no longer located there, meaning that you searched directly for the URL in their search bar and it returned zero results.

Myth #4:

Create a TON of doorway pages to your site, and spam the search engines with them so you will get a high rank, tons of traffic, and your sales will skyrocket!

The Real Deal:

This is another strategy that can get you banned from search engines today. This was actually an accurate statement in the past where there was very small recourse from the search engines, but they have caught on to this and it does not work any longer. What you CAN do is create an elaborate site with many specialized pages that are legitimate and real. This is acceptable as long as they are not garbage doorway pages, so that when someone clicks on it they don’t instantly click the back button since the page was a fake, and you will have a better chance of ranking higher.

Keep in mind that the purpose of a search engine is to give the best quality results to a person based on the search criteria that they entered. Bogus pages are a direct violation of this and therefore fail to give you any sustained results over a long period of time.

So the next time you are thinking about search engine optimization, remember these myths. You are bound to run into less trouble with the search engines, and save yourself a lot of time and frustration on ineffective tactics.

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