Use a Link Directory to Build Quality Backlinks

A link directory’s quality is an important factor to consider when your goal is to build quality backlinks. When you understand how important quality backlinks are, you’ll be willing to put in the time and energy to find the right link directories for your website and to even consider a premium links directory that might require payment for your site to be listed.

A link directory is simply one way of organizing websites in a way that searchers can find the information they need. Link directories can be general and broad, like Dmoz or Yahoo, or they can be niche directories, focusing on a single topic, industry, or category. There are thousands of link directories on the internet, each of which varies in content and quality. By quality, I mean the way that the link directory is seen by the search engine. The higher the quality of the link directory, the better impact you’ll have by listing your website on the directory. Quality is determined by two factors – the website’s Google page rank and the Alexa Traffic Rating.

The top link directories, or premium link directories, are the five that every website will want to be listed in. They are, by Google),,, and

Below you’ll see these five listed along with their Google page rank (PR) and their Alexa ranking. A PR of 10 is the best, whereas an Alexa ranking of 1 is best.

1. Yahoo Directory – (Google Pr of 8, Alexa ranking of 2)

2. (Google PR of 8, Alexa ranking of 870)

3. (Google PR of 7, Alexa of 1,693)

4. (Google PR of 6, Alexa rank of 7036)

5. (Google PR of , Alexa rank of 28,418)

Remember that if you try to duplicate these results, chances are they will differ. This is because the internet is constantly in flux and the rankings will change continually. However, over time, the five premium links directories listed above have consistently ranked as the best.

Just as a warning, you might find it difficult to get your site listed on Yahoo or Dmoz. Yahoo charges an annual fee if you want your site in their link directory, but experts agree it is worth the fee to be included in the Yahoo link directory. A listing in the Dmoz link directory is free of charge, but the link directory is very rigorous in its requirements and in what it will or won’t accept. If you can tweak your content to fit their requirements, do it. You want to be part of Dmoz. Check the website of all of these link directories or any others that you are considering and make sure that you understand the submission criteria.

Don’t forget to look for niche or specialty link directories that are related to your website’s topic. If fees are required for these sites, it may be worth it if your target audience is likely to use them to find information they need. Remember that when you are building quality backlinks, the quality of the site you choose to submit yoru site to is important. So if you are in doubt about the reputation of a site, don’t post your site’s link there until you have determined the site’s quality is good.

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