Web Site Search Engine Optimization: Like Sex?

Web site search engine optimization is crucial to the internet marketing business. It is as intricately related to internet marketing success as choosing a sexy partner is for your personal sense of wellbeing. And just as tricky.

The Dictionary.com meaning for search engine optimization is: the process of choosing targeted keywords and keyword phrases related to a Web site so the site will rank high when those terms are part of a Web search; abbr. SEO

Internet marketers are always trying to find the best keywords for web site search engine optimization. There are many keyword tools, an infinite amount of programs and courses, and countless hours of studying to discover the perfect keywords.

Internet marketers are pretty obsessed with search engine optimization, as the key to their online success. They crave long tail keywords and when they find a good one they keep it and treasure it. They will refer to it with such words as “striking gold”.

They build their whole family of websites around these keywords, which they hope will bring them the returns of a well orchestrated campaign. They write articles about them, spend money on them with PPC ads, and even make videos of them. Their marriage to these keywords becomes evident overtime and the love grows.

Just like you don’t share your partner, you also don’t share your keywords. You work with them to create your empire and help you build your success. They are a part of your everyday life; you observe their progress and their behavior on a daily basis. When they do very well, you are proud of them.

But how efficiently they perform will also depend on you. You have to know how to treat them and what to ask of them. You don’t just show them off all over the place, because Google won’t like that. So you treat them with respect and show them with taste and integrity. That’s when keywords will respond the best.

If you know what position to put them in, you can get a lot of search engine juice. You can put them in your header, in your footer, and inbetween. Just don’t abuse them.

The reason certain selective keywords are so appealing to you is because you realize how they attract others. You have what others are looking for, and that makes them very powerful. When so many people are searching for what you have, you know you possess a real gem.

Building your web site search engine optimization is one more endeavor to have the perfect sex with the internet. When you think you’ve got it down pat, you probably have a lot more to learn. It can be very elusive.

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